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*official Challenge* Round #255 Raid War

dead zone raid war #AP alliance raiding event alliances war points challenge invitation

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No Forgiveness... No Surrender... NO MERCY



Round #255 RAID WAR! (February 4th-10th)

Hear now; for a reckoning is upon us, and we've only ourselves to blame....
Allow this proclamation to serve as notice: a darkness approaches. OFFICIAL CHALLENGE has henceforth been declared = Answer to a call of arms, or cower to your true masters, as you should. Retribution is sought by #AP and others for the crimes against HUMANITY!! AND THE COUNTLESS ATROCITIES COMMITTE......ahem... oh goodness, 'scuse me. ....For the crimes against innocent DZ alliances! Yes, that's it!

WELCOME, to a DZ event for the ages. This momentous & bittersweet occasion is inspired by, and dedicated fully, to both the memory of our fallen friend BrookieBear - a loyal DMU to #AP, and to the humble retirement of Auraqai.

Thieves, hoodlums, scoundrels, pillagers, & BULLIES will swiftly be brought to due justice. Flogged, tarred and feathered - like the spineless little chickens they are! The Apprentice alliance #AP shall graciously host this event during the 7th birthday of The Last Stand: Dead Zone.
The madness shall commences in ROUND #255 (February 4th-10th)

We call out to any & all friends of #AP, willing to join forces, side-by-side in the battle against EVIL, to help return past favours, to unite for a virtuous cause. Seek vengeance for all the times you had your FUEL stolen by heartless thieves, trashed by bullies, had to sell your best stuff to the bad guys to scrounge some keys, or taking a stand of fortitude, and send an undeniable message= a rag-tag team of wildly different people setting aside their trifles, can -and WILL- gladly deliver you to the bowels of HELL

From now on, the slightest mention of #AP, or the legendary rebellion of February 2019 to enemies, will cause instantaneous trembling of extremities, flop sweats, and immediate defecation into their underpants.

350,000 War points? This ain't no delicate vacation, you lazy lardpies. Amateurs. Mediocre... Inexcusable... UNACCEPTABLE!
50-member capacity ain't enough for the bloodthirsty, nameless RAIDERS & Loyal Looters clamoring for a spot on this once-in-a-lifetime roster. WE'RE GONNA PACK 'EM IN THIS HOUSE LIKE SARDINES!

Now hear this: We will ALL participate in good spirit, mutual respect for our adversaries (as they kindly allow us to send them back to the stone age), and joyous merriment with fabulous friends. There will be smack talk, so don't get all soft on us. You wanna play in peace? Buy an ice-cream and go visit the barbie playset at the toy store, put on a fresh pair of silk panties, or go drink some $20.00 soy latte's with your precious snowflake SJW's... you wimpy WEAKLINGS. That said... remain composed with dignity - don't take it too far. Keep it fun.
#AP asks for our closest alliances to help make room for the innocent younglings to shelter from the storm - in exchange of Raiders. Collateral damage is inescapable... and remember, a well-oiled, fully functioning killing machine consists of many extraordinarily different folks from all walks. Set aside old yolks and tensions; you'll likely be locking arms as brothers and sisters. Conduct yourselves with honor and discipline. We fight the SAME enemy on this DAY OF JUDGMENT. FORGE ONWARD, undaunted! UNSTOPPABLE ...the united rebellion takes zero pity upon the desperate pleas of guilty bullies. Dispatch them with brazen ferocity and unthinkable CHAOS. .....God will have to forgive your sins another time


#N1, L1N, ERA, E.M, E1R, #ZH, WOE, we gotz your names; hide yo kids, hide yo wives, hide yo kittens, hide yo goodies - we're comin' for ya! A brand new definition of pure SAVAGERY shall be permanently entrenched in the minds' of those foolish enough to poke the hornets' nest.

ALL HANDS: Prepare yourselves for Glory! Stock up on nades, stock up on meds, stock up on FUEL, stock up on pure CONFIDENCE



To be announced: (they will be damn good)

-BEST Sportsmanship

-BEST overall Success-rate %
-Top #3 Raid Points

-Top #3 Looter Points
-Most flags taken
-Most flags defended

-Most manual missions

-Most defense points

-BEST raider under LVL 30

-BEST raider under LVL 20

-Most sacrifices!


More information to follow as available. This post will be updated. Any questions welcome. LONG LIVE #AP & our fabled friends!

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That's actually kind of cute. :) 

I like it ... and good luck! 

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Aubrey Dickson Retired

Aubrey Dickson Retired
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What is this nonsense ?

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*returns to forums* "how has DZ been" *sees this*"...yep I'm gone cya." *leaves for another few months*

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*returns to forums* "how has DZ been" *sees this*"...yep I'm gone cya." *leaves for another few months*



Good ones, come on man don't be a wanker join the party. 

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