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Chromium Browser Version 65.0.3325.0 (developer Build) (64-bit)

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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Hi guys & gals,


the browser situation is getting a bit sketchy,


Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Yandex and now Firefox are making using Flash and playing this game a pain in the ass.


the last known good version of Google Chrome was ver.65


I've done some research and found the Chromium build that particular version of Google Chrome was built on.


it's Chrome but without a lot of the Google extras and no updater.


it's not appropriate for general web browsing because it's not patched right up to date for security purposes but it could be used exclusively for playing tls:dz and nothing else.


I've installed it and done a mission, it seems pretty much as good as Chrome ever was.



this link is for Windows 64-bit machines, I've got it on Win 10, it should be ok for Win 8 and 64-bit versions of Win7, I don't have either of those operating systems available to test it on though.


to confirm whether your pc is 64-bit or 32-bit press the windows logo key +R to open the command prompt window, type in  msinfo32  and click ok to display details, x86 means 32-bit, x64 means 64-bit.






the 2nd to bottom file, the mini_installer exe is the file to download and then open to trigger the install process,



obviously I've not been able to test multiple configurations or whether this might conflict with an existing installation of Google Chrome,


this may only suit an experienced user, only proceed if you're comfortable trying it out.



feedback would be appreciated.



Update:  I've just downloaded and installed Google Chrome ver. 71 and they both seem quite happy running on the same pc.





Update: some people seem to have problems getting Flash to boot up the first time, you do need to click on the first bit of the address bar and enable Flash, then you'll get the jigsaw piece pop up at the end of the address bar which you have to click on and allow Flash each time you load the game,


in Chromium menu, settings, advanced, content settings, Flash should be set to: Ask First (recommended) and either armorgames.com and/or apps.facebook.com or Kongregate.com should appear in the allow list underneath once you've allowed it at the beginning of the address bar whilst visiting the game site.


Chromium uses the PPAPI version of Shockwave Flash  (aka Pepperpot), if you go to control panel, Flashplayer, Updates tab, you should see which versions of Flash are installed on your pc, NPAPI is for Firefox, active-x plug-in is for Edge & Explorer.


if the PPAPI version doesn't show there you can go to this link:




you can use it to test Flash and check it's version, Windows 10 is an asshat and tries to put you off by saying Flash is bundled with Google Chrome and built into Windows 10 anyway but you can still download and install the PPAPI version by going to Adobe Flashplayer Download:




and use the 'Need Flashplayer for a different computer' option, you select your operating system and the Flash version PPAPI




fyi: the Flashplayer settings in Control Panel only apply to active-x & NPAPI, for the settings for PPAPI you need to visit the online Flashplayer Settings Manager:






other than this maybe your UAC (user account controls) might be causing a problem, I turn them off as they're a pain in the ass, or one guy said he had to allow Chromium through his firewall, idk what firewall it was but Windows does make a big deal of being over protective to the point of stupidity. I'm sure it's more about trying to nudge you into only using Microsoft products and your pc's safety is just an excuse for being awkward.


anyways, good luck and happy gaming!

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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well I've been using this for a couple of days and it seems fine,


I think of it as a way to custom build your own 'Gameroom like' browser JUST for playing this game which is safe from problematic browser updates.




Further refinements:  I've installed adblockplus for Chrome to strip out horrible advertising,




installed appropriate filter lists, EasyList in your language preference, Malware Domains & maybe Fanboy's Annoyance List, it's a matter of personal choice.




links to the game at FB & AG plus the forum, saved as bookmarks.








I don't have a link for Kongregate, idk if anyone wants to post the direct link to the game there?


also for FB users you might want to install Fluff Buster Purity, it allows you to block any if not every element of your FB page and totally de clutter it.




in the adblockplus Advanced section I've added filters to strip out some of the FB & Armor cookies, tracker, marketing things,


I'd post my current filter list here but the forum would try to display them as live links!


this is all to try and overcome interference to loading and causes of hesitations during gameplay.


Windows 10 users may also be plagued by Windows Update starting up and running scans in the background, I've got it under control by using this simple Update blocker,





When I've the time and energy I'll try to find the 32-bit version of this Chromium browser for people with older Windows 7, 32-bit setups, I'm thinking of pak here!


Update:  I think this might be the 32-bit version for Windows 7 but I've not got that system available to install it and check the version number.




ok, well hope this is useful to some peeps, 


never give up! never surrender!

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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ABP Custom Filters for FB & AG 


if you've installed AdBlocklPlus for Chrome to this Chromium browser you might be interested in a few custom filters,


click on the ABP logo at the top RHS of the screen, click the cog/gear icon to open the options/settings, select the advanced tab,


scroll down to the window for 'My Filter List', click Edit Filters,

the window is now active and you can either type in or copy/paste the filters below,

the brackets will need to be removed, I've placed them there so they don't become live links when posted here in the forum.


once typed in, or pasted in and the brackets are removed, click save and they'll be included in the filter lists.
the top 3 strip out stuff from the AG site that can interfere with the games loading,
the bottom one is to block an irritating FB thing that causes the game to hesitate every time it sends a request to your browser,
the FB one can cause the ADP add-on to record an astonishing number of hits in an hour so don't forget to periodically refresh the browser, especially if the ABP counter is well into the triple figures.
you might find things a bit smoother with these custom filters active.

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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How to remove the yellow banner about missing Google API keys on startup.



I found this handy post,




I copied the x3 commands and pasted them (Ctrl+V) into windows command prompt, hit return and bingo, banner gone!

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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A further measure to cut down Facebook interference.




I usually use DuckDuckGo as my search engine,




it also supplies a handy little tracker blocker & counter, I've remembered to install this and it's finally calmed down the ABP counter,


https://duckduckgo.com/app      update: on Armor this DuckDuckGo Security Essentials app has started freaking out and going into a redirect loop, I've


                                                               disabled it and installed a tracker blocker called: Disconnect





it's even in the Chrome store



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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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Further refinements & options.


I've been able to disable the Google api keys that came built in with the installation, this seems to have reduced the number of chromium processes running along with cpu & ram load,


if you follow the process for acquiring keys shown at this address:




once you've subscribed as a chromium dev and signed into the google cloud console with your gmail address you can view the current keys enabled and one by one disable them, tip.... start at the bottom of the list and work up as some of the ones at the top are reliant on the ones further down.




there's also chromium flags that allow further options, 




chrome://flags/          (copy & paste into address bar)


access to version info and gpu info


chrome://version/          (copy & paste into address bar)


chrome://gpu/          (copy & paste into address bar)


and this handy list of command line switches




there's a nifty one that enables show fps counter!

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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Just a bump post to see if this brings the post back on the 1st page to make it easier for peeps to find,


I've been using this chromium browser exclusively since I found it and it's not missed a beat.

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