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Dead? Or An Extension? Or A New Game? Dear Developer...

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For months you give no answer to questions, no reaction, no updates, no activities from you. how do you want to motivate players to play your games?
Will you be more active soon? or is that the end of Con Artist?

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In the end he was just a 'con artist' after all who would have guessed huh ?

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Warfare Online was Con's top priority for a long time. Unfortunately, it wasn't profitable enough to continue running, and the servers shut down a year or two back. Con hasn't really done much dev work since then on any of his games, and I get that- it's discouraging when your next Big Idea is shot down, especially once you've got your hopes up that it might succeed. 


But it's still disappointing that nothing is being done with Dead Zone. There weren't any Christmas or Spring evens this year- no new content has been released in over six months, and the Halloween event was just a rerelease of old even items anyway. And the posters above may have been undiplomatic about it, but I get what they're saying- successful games always give you something to work towards.


Once your base it fully upgraded, what next? You could try to find more Uniques and Legendaries or you could raid, but that's just a grind. What are you using the weapons for, what higher goal does raiding serve? Events give players something new to work towards- new base structures/decorations, limited time weapons- something special to accomplish. Dead Zone hasn't had any of that in a long time, and that's the player base has declined since its heyday around 2014. 

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Personally don't care much for events, but I would appreciate it if Con could like show his face... even if it's just one a month, just so we know there is at least something happening behind the scenes other than releasing half assed events during which either components are never introduced so items aren't craftable at all (one of the stims during Z-mas 2018), or during which the prem boxes come weeks later for some odd reason (Z-Mas first, and now Easter event too). 

A couple of things are lagging months if not years behind already. Items from events dating back to late 2017 are still not tradable, they should be made tradable 6 to 10 months after events. Not the mention a few bugs that gotten their way in this game, stacking on top of the old bugs there were never fixed.


It also feel like Con is just avoiding responsibility.

He's the maker of this game, and this game has its issues, but some of us haven't given up on it yet. Sometimes it feels that he's just not showing up anymore cause we will keep playing anyway, and this way he doesn't have to do anything about the game to make up for the mistakes he made in the past and is still making now.


At least he finally disabled the Zantas, one tiny beacon of light in the dark pool of neglection. 


I also understand that a bad project can break your spirit for a while, but succesful developers don't just ignore all games they ever made if one of them failed. Having one game fail isn't a good excuse to abandon an entire community of another game that was succesful for quite some time and could be again if some more effort was put into it. 

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