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Linux Compatability

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Is the game compatible with linux?  I get gull graphics loading, but where it should go to the game screen its blank.  Sound is fine.  Can't understand the graphics thing though.  I would think the video modes used would be the same.  Any ideas? 

Ubuntu 18.04.2 and Firefox 56.

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Yes its compatble with linux I use linux mint. 



Try and use google chrome it works fine for me 




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I had the same issue on Firefox, but it worked fine on Chrome. I'm normally a Firefox user, but it looks like I'll have to fire up Chrome whenever I want to play.


The issue I have now is that hardware acceleration seems to not work, despite the SWF file at the bottom of https://helpx.adobe....vers-flash.html saying "OpenGL". Hopefully this game isn't DirectX only...

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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Mr Guy,


are you Linux or Windows? Maruse seems up to date on what works with Linux, I only understand Windows.


that thing with the unsupported video card warning in Chrome is because Chrome started rendering in software mode not hardware accelerated,


it confuses Flash and it pops up that warning message, the link the warning redirects you to at Adobe is a bit of a 'red herring' I don't think Flash understands the change Chrome made,


if you open the in game settings using the cog/gear icon under the map and select the video tab the rendering mode should be displayed at the top in largish white lettering,


any browser that reports it is rendering in Software mode is probably based on the Chromium project and shares the same problem as current Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Yandex, Facebook Gameroom, etc. ( all forks of Chromium)


the best workaround seems to be to use a browser that pre-dates the changes to Chromium, the last good version of Google Chrome was version 65.


the last fully dependable version of Firefox Quantum 64-bit was version 62, it was the last version you could fully turn off the auto-updates in the settings too,


if you have a 32-bit system there was a version of Firefox prior to the change to Quantum,  Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) I think it runs up to version 52,

it should work for 32-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista,

maybe Windows 7 will run up to Firefox version 56?


my personal solution as a Windows 10 user is a developer build of the last good version of Chromium, it's ideal because it has no updater and never changes,


I did a post on it a couple of years ago,






if you want to go the Firefox route you can still download any version of Firefox ever released, 


I did a post about downloading Firefox version 62 for Windows 10 ages ago, I'm sure you could use the same approach but select the appropriate version for Linux if you wanted.





the best workaround for keeping this game playable is to retain on your pc a copy of an out of date browser that did work just fine, keep the auto updates disabled and use it just for playing this Flash game and maybe any other Flash games you play and are having problems with.


I'm afraid the majority of 'current' browsers have updated beyond full Flash compatibility now and only older versions work.

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