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Hunt Weapon Comparison

crafting weapon comparison easter 2019

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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As usual, here's how the new event weapons look like when equipped.


The following images were taken as equipped by a lvl 60 Fighter wearing a Working Class man (+5% Reload Speed, +5% APS) plus a Terror mask (+10% Hit Chance, +10% Damage) for the SMG and a Blind Justice mask (+5% Reload Speed, +5% APS) for the other weapons.

Also, the following gear was used:


RS: Commando gear with +55.8% Damage, +90% Reload Speed and +84.5% Ranged Combat

DMG: Commando gear with +60.8% Damage, +70% Reload Speed and +107% Ranged Combat

COMM: Commando gear with +65.8% Damage, +87.5% Reload Speed and +102% Ranged Combat

HOLST (pistol only): Holster with +100.7% Damage and +91.3% Reload Speed











Here's the most DPS I could get out of the SMG, by giving it to my recon with the COMM gear:



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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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As a reference, here are some other weapons of the same type equipped with the same gear:









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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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Thanks Lana,


the SMG seems to be quite promising,


I've been looking for something for Medics, the low accuracy of the SMG gives it quite a lot of potential for DPS improvement when equipped,


if you had the time available would you be able to show the SMG equipped on a Medic?


my personal target would be topping 2,300 DPS to b able to do solo auto's at Lvl 60,


currently I can only do it on Medics with an Arctic Pistol or a Red, White & Boom Boom Boom.


I never crafted a Sprayer either, I've heard they were pretty good at lower levels.

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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Sure I can :)


Here's how it looks like with my current loadout on a medic (a 50/62/85 Commando, a Terror mask 10/10 and a Hard Working Man with Swiftdraw); if you can give me the stats of the gear you intend to use with it I can make a more accurate job:




As a weapon for medics it's not very good it seems, mainly because this weapon benefits from it chance, and medics have low ranged combat. By the looks of it, a maxcraft in hit chance plus an Accuracy kit 10% may give you more DPS on a Medic than a Ranger kit. I think I will craft some for my other account before the end of the event to test this.

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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Thanks again Lana,


well you've used more hit chance tweaks than I have at my disposal,

I'd only have the ranged combat on a commando armor and 10% on a lucky mask,

your craft got a decent hit chance crafting boost too along with the ranger kit,


Medic's really are problematic when it comes to weapons, I think I'm best sticking with  the Arctic Pistol & R/W Boom's,


thanks for the post, you've saved me some fuel and heartache, for that I'm grateful,



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