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general con uniques/rares

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I am truly happy with this game, been here since 2015, and I have recently noticed, that we have been receiving lots of uniques, which is great! But, they are mostly gears, like the new Medkits, (I currently have found about 18 unique and 2 rare so far) I feel like it takes away from the game now that there are now to many gears.

I just have to say this because I have found 9 uniques and 1 rare(as of may 23rd 2019) in the last 15 hours, I am happy of course, but the fact that only 1 out of all the 9 unique and the 1 rare, was actually a weapon. And everything mostly on the broad caster has been gears, I am just asking that you please re-balance or increase the weapon drop (like 60-40) because most of the uniques go unappreciated. I humbly ask that you please think about this and do something :)

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Amen that that Sergeant. But let's go deeper. Now that Con's game Warfare has failed to draw a loyal fan base, it's time to bring back the supply boxes (regular and premium) as well as the monthly community task to LSDZ.


Unless you plan to do to us as you did to Warfare?


. . .only about 1500 are logging in each day. The most users we've had online recently is under 100 at a time. 

Unfortunately, it's not enough and the game is losing money. As it stands, the server costs alone are more than the income we're getting from the game. That leaves us with no additional funds to keep developing the game any further.


Let's hope not.

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This game, has been and will be an eternal favourite until I die. 


The best MMO RPG game I have ever found online. I just don't understand why Con would basically abandon one of his greatest games!


The unique and rare drops are great and have been great! The entire war I manged to get 31 uniques and 3 rares, out of all of those precious finds, 1 unique weapon and 2 rare weapons, the other 30 uniques were gear, and 1 rare gear. That is extremely un-balanced. Please, please fix the drops to make weapons more common, like 70-30. It would help us appreciate the gear more. 


I have been on a lot recently and all of the players, I kid you not. Everyone on the chat, prompted and unprompted has been complaining about the gear drops.


Please please please fix this! 

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i like to get more uni guns i have tons of gear... for every gun i find i get 5 usless gears i would be happy if they bring it like before. before the cry baby's started to cry over uni's no names saying but we all do know who .... 

thx for fixing the boxes drop bug ;)) more uni weapons less un i gears!!!!!!!

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