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You Can Play Dz On Your Phone.

Mobile DZ on phone Mobile Version

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I've seen people complain for years about no mobile version of dead zone on your phone, it's funny because it's actually possible to do.



You can download a browser on your phone called Puffin, it allows flash to run on your phone and play dead zone on, it's pretty laggy but you can still loot easy with autos, i've even done island and raids with it against weaker targets, i'm done with the game so this information is useless to me, but i might as well post it for whatever is left of this community.



Goodluck to everyone in life and i wish you the best even if you're someone i had a rivalry with in game.



- Cybertraxx/TheShadowPhantom

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Cya man, thanks for the tip but I'm sure I'll never play it on a mobile device (still got a small screen cause my phone is from 2014 or something anyway), way too clunky for me.


Cheers and I wish you all the best in life as well, always a pleasure recieving your nades haha,

Godzyra/Avicci/Johann_Schmidt/Nuummite/Gaunter_O_Dimm/Angel_of_Deaf etc.

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