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Ooooh! New Infamous Stuff

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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Hi Con,


thanks for the new infamous crafts, I find a couple of them quite appealing to my style of playing!


I've craft two of the Foulplay football helmets for my melee guys and they give a nice dps boost, ideal for battling elites!


I'm kinda hoping you're planning a bit of a 4th July event this year?


the Easter Hunt event was a nice surprise, I crafted a bunch of the shotguns which are useful on scavs,


the current premium boxes with the additional fuel option seem popular, nice touch, thanks!


is there any chance of looking at a few issues if you have 5 mins spare?


1: we still seem to have snow on the ground from Zmas! I'm guessing this was an oversight.


2: the stims at Zmas were quite popular, I know it was a trial run to evaluate them but would it be worth putting the schemes back up and re-entering the lootable components to the loot table?

back at Zmas there was one item required that never dropped, I think the antibiotics, again I guess this was an oversight,

I have kept all the bottles, medical salts, sedatives, stimulants and Taurine from Zmas in the hope that Stims would go live again.


3: idk if you are aware but during the Easter Hunt event the related premium boxes never actually dropped, I opened loads of the fuel key boxes for comps, clothing, fuel etc. and ended up with a dozen Hunt premium keys,

as yet there's been nothing to open with the Hunt premium keys, would you be able to devise a way of using them up?


4: back around Easter when the monthly community task came out it glitched somehow and immediately said that everyone had failed it, no 6 or 7 day timer was set, since then there have been no further monthly community tasks, idk if you could give that a jiggle too?


5: are some of the previous event craft now due to have the trade lock removed?



anyway, apart from the above, things still seem to be working pretty smoothly, no major issues connecting to the server, just the odd rough patch now and then,


there even seems to be a steady trickle of new players appearing in chat!


I'm hoping all is well at CAG, that you're in good health and spirits and I look forward to whatever surprises you choose to spring on us in the near future,


best wishes,



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Things aren't perfect here in the DZ but glad to know someone's still hiding behind the scenes there.

These new items do look interesting, fulfill the infamous role, and seem to be quite viable for their level.


Still wish we got infamous arrows though...  I hope this is a sign we've not been abandoned yet and at the moment you have my props

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Waddup everyone,


Quick update on the new infamous items:

So we gained an assault rifle (reload speed and capacity craft bonusses, not really that useful, but hey the ammo cost is quite low so it does have some use),

an accessory item (my favorite because it looks like it can have 35% health and 35% projectile resist, which would make it the best accessory for raiding(and they cost way less ears than Ironheads)) ,

a new slug for shotguns (105% range possible perhaps),

a melee combat healing vest with reload speed for the medic/leader (not sure what that is good for, I'd prefer a unique healing vest cause a unique can have way higher health and heal speed, but it does add a new dimension to the old standard 3 stat vest, works both for melee and guns),

and a slow hitting low level melee (decent, maybe good for people who have trouble finding any uniques or rares around that level).


New elite rewards: At high level (not sure from which level and up, but at least I know for lvl 60 for sure) you can now get different elite box rewards. You will get either 3 Skull and 25 fuel, 3 Skulls and 2 Ears or the old 2 Ears and 25 fuel. 


Important notice: Infamous Skulls are Tradable! Ears are still not!

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Aubrey Dickson Retired

Aubrey Dickson Retired
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Still not worth coming back IMHO

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