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Strange Freezes And Lag At Start Of Missions Lately

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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I've been getting some strange lag or stop/start freezes at the start of some missions lately,


it's been driving me nuts,


I'm using Windows 10 on a fairly regular domestic laptop and I think it's the system scanning stuff for updates in the background and generally poking it's nose into what's going on,


I began stopping Update Orchestrator Service in the services section of taskmanager before playing and it's stopped all the freezy, laggy spells,


UsoSvc Update Orchestrator Service is one of those services that the system won't allow you to disable even in admin mode and if you stop it in the services tab of taskmanager it seems to restart itself within a day,


I had a search around and found a few different utilities that allow you to disable updates,






I've installed both but I suspect the first one is the most effective,


now when I look in services the UsoSvc is marked disabled, something I've never managed before and the game seems as smooth as it's ever managed to be!



oh btw I'm still using the Chromium browser, 

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I have no such issues using Windows 10 and Firefox 67.

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