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Re-release Of The Unique Crafting Kits

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Hi ConArtists! ;) Firstly, I want to say thank you for bringing out this great event ^_^ I and many others are really enjoying it!

With so many crafts to choose from, and more coming along the way, I and many others feel that a re-release of the Unique Crafting Kits, in particular the Unique Gunslinger Crafting Kit and Unique Raider Crafting Kit, would be a great addition to the crafts, as well as generating money for you :)

After all, they were released way back in 2016, and they have nearly all but run out now.


Thanks for reading this, and keep up the great work! ^_^



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damn right some good words there hope con reads it 

gmad this is a good event hope there aremore melee for lvl 55 to please i need to work on my collection man the man sounds like a junky who needs drug man :) 

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