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Crafting Timer

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Just crafting right now, and the crafts timer gave 1hr 15 mins left.


All crafts disappeared after 15 minutes. Very disappointed to say the least, as I wanted all the crafts.


Incorrect timer on your side..please amend this so I can craft, thanks


PS. I expect to be compensated for a wasted 'Crafting on the Cheap -50%', due to your timing error


Username ID: armorPeter_Man

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no raid targets!!! i need to refresh like 5 times before i can raid and if im done raiding i again need to x5 refresh before a can raid again ...

please look in to that please

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con its time you pul the plug out of this game you aint fixing bugs no month tasks no herc boxes and no raid targets 

pll spend mony on this game and you do not take care your a thief and a lame fat ass you know that not even the power to show your face like a 

coward litte fat aussie you are 

fuck you m8

you desurv to get sued by you users becosu of thiefing there mony 

stop wanking and come and fix your broken game or just pull the plug it aint worth it 

piece of cancer  

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