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Formula Max Dps ?


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Once I found here one image with he formula that the game uses for calculate our dps. I have played since 2015, but I play 4-5 months and leave 3 or 4 months. I want to believe that this game is still alive. I used to join here and the discord for wait the Con´s returns but it never happened.

I know that here still there are a lot players. I want to ask you:


What is the way for get the best DPS in the game?


Is it better use a figther or recon or we can retrain the leader?


I know that in PVP Is better have health, but I am so tired of the war.


What are the better weapons and gear?


An old RPK 4/4 or a MG42 or The artick revolver?


I want to know about actually builds that any player can create.


Thaks for your time players.

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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I think it was this one:

This is the one I have so far:
Average damage = (Max. damage + Min. damage) / 2
It still produces some variations (< 5 DPS in what I've tested so far), but if you want to estimate the DPS it works.

Anyway, I can contribute with some answers:

1) The best DPS in the game is obtained by combining a maxcraft Arctic Revolver with a great Commando gear, as seen here.

2) Depending on what you want to achieve, either Fighter or Recon can be the best. Recons have more ranged combat, so I usually have them with weapons which have low accuracy. I haven't retrained my leader yet, so maybe someone can give more detail about this one.

3) Whenever one talks about "best" it's necessary to specify. For PVE, the higher DPS is usually the best, but depending on your strategy you may want to consider knockback, range, APS, ammo cost, etc.
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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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on the subject of Leader's levelling points and retraining,


as I dimly remember, you only get one free go at retraining your Leader, after that there's a reasonably hefty fuel charge each time,


I did several Leader re-trains years ago trying different combo's,

spreading the levelling points around just seemed to make my Leader not particularly good at anything so I settled for putting all the levelling points on just fighting ability,


you can make your Leader pretty good with firearms by going 100% fighting ability, everything else stays pretty average and I'm afraid improvised combat doesn't get boosted with it, 


it works for me but I must add I don't raid, I play pretty much exclusively pve.

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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Hi Matt :)


So, would you say a retrained Leader with all points on Fighting will give more DPS than a Fighter on, say, an Arctic Revolver? Because if that's the case I have some retraining to do.

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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I've unequipped my commando armors to take the ranged combat stat out of the comparison and with +25% morale effect, all survivors L60 :


Leader ;  Improvised Combat 12,  Melee Combat 86, Ranged Combat 86,


Fighting 129, (every levelling point on fighting) Scavenging 12, Engineering 18, Medic 12, Recon 18, (disarmed to remove weapon move speed nerf from Recon stat)


Fighter ; Improvised Combat 61, Melee Combat 61, Ranged Combat 61, 


Recon ; Improvised Combat 24, Melee Combat 24, Ranged Combat 74,


so the Leader won't beat a fighter with an improvised firearm because of the fighters improvised combat stat and the Recon has a bit better Improvised combat stat than the Leader but when i comes to say a Uni LMG or LR the Leader gets better dps than either Fighter or Recon.


so you'll never get the Leader to produce the dps of a Fighter with an Arctic Revolver I'm afraid, due to the Improvised Combat factor,


and the Leader won't be amazing with say a Blue Sword as again the high Improvised Combat stat isn't there,


my Leaders get equipped with stuff like a MG-36 uni, a G-28 uni, a Red White & Boom Shotgun or a Uni Minigun for infected horde defence,


I can't remember if putting levelling points on the engineering skill significantly increases the improvised combat, all I remember is that every attempt to spread the points across different skill groupings gave a rather disappointing outcome!


I hope this is some help in guiding your decision whether to retrain or not.

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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Thank you, that was really helpful :)


I'll keep my leader as it is unless another, non-improvised weapon is capable of giving more DPS than the Arctic Revolver.

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