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"not Logged Into Facebook" Issue

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Scott Aaron Stine

Scott Aaron Stine
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For several days now, I receive the error message "Not Logged into Facebook. You need to be logged into Facebook to play The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Please make sure you are logged into Facebook and try again." every time I attempt to load the game.  Obviously I have logged in and out numerous times, but it never budges...

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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if you're using the same browser that allowed you to connect via FB up until recently then I suggest checking the app permissions, on old accounts they can sometimes need resetting,


on the far right, top edge of the screen is a downward facing triangle, click that, select settings, then select apps & websites, there you should see the game and can edit the permissions,


or remove the game from the list and then visit the game from the link below and set up the permissions from scratch.




if you've changed browsers since you last successfully played the game I suggest checking that 3rd party cookies are enabled as they are required on FB to allow the game to recognise you're logged into FB.


let us know how you get on.


this advice seemed to work for another player only a day or two ago but they were able to ask about it in chat via a 2nd account they had on Armor Games, 

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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I'm noticing in chat people talking about this 'FB not logged in bug'


the above suggestions should overcome it,


but also there are a steady trickle of frustrations with browsers not playing smoothly or connecting properly,


tbh I've not had any problems since before xmas because I've been using the chromium browser and I've FF ver 62 as backup, neither can update and change causing problems and I've rather lost track of what is going on with current browser versions!


for convenience I'm going to post two links to the chromium & FF posts I made some time ago so if anyone visiting here over the current FB glitch can easily navigate to previous browser fixes.








I'm on Windows 10 and I've found the Chromium browser pretty faultless and trouble free for playing this game.

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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I've not been getting much feedback from people with this problem,


if none of the above work it's possible that FB have changed some aspect of their cookies,


it would be worth clearing all cookies to see if the fresh ones set when you revisit FB  and sign back in make a difference,


Ccleaner is a useful utility for clearing cookies and caches,




I run it several times a day!

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