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You Don't Have To Use Gameroom To Play Tls:dz On Facebook.

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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I hear some people are being driven insane by FB Gameroom,


you don't have to use it, 


you can play using Firefox or Chromium ver.65 Developer build or any other browser that doesn't make the game render in software mode by going directly to the game via this link:




(I have this  bookmarked and use it to navigate directly to the game on FB without even going via my profile page)


it should add the game as a link on your profile page at the same time,


make sure your browser has 3rd party cookies allowed so the game can recognise you're logged into FB,


also make sure that the games permissions are set up by clicking on the downwards facing arrow at the top right hand side of your FB profile page and selecting Settings, then Apps & Websites,


if you're unsure about the permissions just remove the game from that Apps & Websites page, log out, restart your browser and visit the link above to set up the permissions from scratch,


There's a lot of rubbish on Facebook pages, you can clear a lot of it away buy using AdBlock Plus and also an extension call Fluff Buster Purity,


Also there is a tracking and marketing analytics blocking called Disconnect which works well,


a good housekeeping tool is the free version of CCleaner, I run it often to clear excess cookies, cache etc.



for reference this is a link to a post on Chromium Browser:





if you want to know whether the browser you are using is rendering the game properly then open the in game settings by clicking on the gear/cog icon under the map, select the video tab, at the top it shows the Rendering Mode, it should be: Hardware Accelerated, if it says: Software then the browser you are using is rendering the game in software mode and it'll probably lag awfully and run the cpu flat out.

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