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So I Thought I'd Check In...

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Haven't played the game in a couple years now, I just haven't had the time.  Some of you may remember me, many of you probably don't -- and that's ok.


It's just sad to look at the game now.   When I was still playing Con was very active here and updates were frequent.  Now, it doesn't look like Con has posted in nearly a year, and the last event update was Halloween last year... So i have to think the game is on it's deathbed, which is a more than a little depressing since I had spent countless hours in the Dead Zone.


Don't think I'll try making a comeback.   Con if you do read this at some point, thanks for everything and making a great game..



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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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well we've just had a 4th July event and new infamous crafts were added,


there's even a steady trickle of newbies appearing,


but yes, we've not heard from Con in quite a while, but his presence is felt in the appearance of events and the changing of Herc & Prem box contents,


the numbers in chat and trade have fallen, each time there is a noticeable drop there is a related change to how a particular browser handles flash or stores cookies, a troublesome Microsoft update or yet another Facebook change,


the constant changes to the internet and their lack of supporting explanation do make connecting and smoothly playing the game increasingly challenging,


for a returnee who's not familiar with the catalogue of hurdles erected betwixt player and game it must be doubly confusing,


as far as I can gather Con is putting the majority of his energies into creating what hopefully will be his 'next big thing'


but the game lives on, in a world where everything you like keeps changing but all the things you dislike never change the Deadzone is still a pleasant place to escape it all for a while!

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Ghost Recon

Ghost Recon
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lots of good memories from the TLS Dead Zone from when it used to be a good game but since Con and other devs have not been communicating to anyone. Not sure how long until the devs shutdown the servers  after the 2020 flash player support ends.


But since Con is working on a new game called The Last Stand Aftermath and so far have not heard of any updates or any new sneak peaks at all. Even his twitter page seems to be dead as well since no new posts. 


Cross fingers TLS Aftermath will be a good game and not exclusive to the epic games store.

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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Hi Zingman, nice to see you again :)

Yes, the game seems to be slowing down as everyone else says, but game updates are pretty much the only indication we have that Con is still there.
After the Halloween 2018 update we had the Winter Wasteland (Christmas 2018), H.U.N.T (Easter 2019) and Freedom Fighter (4th of July 2019) updates, plus the Infamous update that Matt mentioned. Sadly, Con has stopped making announcement threads for the events here in the forums, but I'm still making comparisons for every event in case you want to check them out (they're on the Items section).
About the chat activity I'm on ArmorGames and there is still a bit of chat going, even some trading, but I'm not sure about Kong.
If you ask me, apparently all technical development (such as bug fixes, innovations in gameplay, etc) has stopped, while new items which are relatively easy to include in the game are given preference as updates. If this is happening because it's no longer profitable to do so, lack of time due to the Aftermath development or any other reasons is not known, but I think it's safe to say we shouldn't expect any more work done in the game besides new items.
As an example of this, it's September and the H.U.N.T. Premium Supply Box Keys from April are still useless because the premium boxes never dropped. It never was fixed and I think noone has gotten any replies from Con yet about the issue (or any other issue in a while as far as. I know), so I wouldn't expect much in that aspect. However the game is still fun to me, so I'll keep playing until it stops being fun, and I know many people will too.

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Hi All,

I'm glad that you have all chosen to reply as it shows that some of the old die hards still care about what is essentially a very good game.

When i first came on board it reminded me a lot of Fallout Tactics from back in the day which is what hooked me.

I have commented numerous times here and on Armor games about the games decline and its connection to the NEW Aftermath game which to has gone very quiet.

I think that Con has missed a trick by devoting all his attention in another project, but as a small developer its understandable, i think the Warfare episode must have hurt.

That said, i believe people would have paid money if the game had kept evolving as it started out, lots of updates, areas, events etc and kept interest high. Con is obviously still around at present as Lana says supplying some nuggets, but again with flash being killed by the end of next year so will Deadzone go. To convert this game to html would probably be a big ask given the recent inactivity over the last 2 years, but if there was a change of heart and direction, Con could resurrect this game to its earlier heights enticing old players back and attracting even more new ones.

Let's hope eh?

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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in reply to DarkAzrael,


can I just make the point that Flash won't cease to exist at the end of 2020, that's the date Adobe will cease to provide further updates, but Flash will remain functional in a final state.


Flash is being killed off or rendered unusable by the major players on the internet, they're elbowing it aside, making it more difficult to use,


I suspect this is because of the trend of people moving away from pc's and laptops to mobile devices which are so physically small they can't include a graphics chip, therefore they prefer to use the cpu to render stuff in software mode,


people like Google want their flagship browser to be a one size fits all browser that works on pc, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.

for them maintaining Flash compaibility for us old skoolers is an inconvenience.


I can understand Con wanting to get 'the next big thing' up and running to stay in the gaming business, it may well be a console game and mobile ported, it's the trend, why buck it,


but I also question the wisdom of killing the goose that laid the golden egg, tls:dz must have been and probably still is to some extent a stable revenue stream to support CAG's operations,


I selected the ver.65 developer build of Chromium as a stable, usable browser platform to play this game on, it's lack of an updater is an asset, it's immune to the whims of Google's endless stream of changes,


the Chromium is compatible with Windows 10, Microsoft claim Win 10 is going to be their last OS release so hopefully it'll never cease to be compatible with Chromium ver.65,


with the addition of something like Adblock Plus & Disconnect it does make a decent browser to keep installed for playing Flash games, 


my belief is that if enough people are still playing and the game is still bringing in a bit of money then Con won't entirely neglect it.


it would be encouraging to see the snow removed and the monthly community tasks rebooted after they glitched some months ago!


also putting back the stim schemes and components that were trialled back at xmas would be a nice touch,  the tattoo's could be reintroduced too with minimal effort.

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smh con just switch it over to html5


just kidding this game is dead and aftermath being a singleplayer game with a concept revolving around your character dying no matter what you do (meaning there is little room for story) is going to do nothing to keep fans here.


i really don't get why he didn't go for either a Union City 2 kind of game, or a Deadzone 2 kind of game on a new game engine (and new mechanics and other things of course).

Good to see the old folks still here, even if some of us (if not most of us) aren't actively playing the game anymore.

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Expat here.  Hi Zing.  Wow, blast from the past.  I took a long break starting about four month's ago.  Game seems dead so I might never go back (miss some old friends but I know where to find them in RL).  But nice to hear from you.

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David Adams

David Adams
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Hopefully the HERC bunkers will be here soon.

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