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Target List Bug

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The raid target list has been screwed up for a few months now.


It often lists players banned or otherwise can not even be raided.

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still no targets its from past eastern evnt that this is a problem 

is it becouse pll gimme thubs down that con thinks its ok i dont need to fix it

just saying that you pll dont realy help before madd make a topic ....

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Moses Hank

Moses Hank
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I would love to raid again,  but dont want to spend all day looking and refreshing for targets.   please fix the target system.  thanks in advance,  MOSES

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con fix the raid targets list please the game would be more fun if you just fix the targets we dotncare if you leave the snow and x-mass tune a wholle year


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Apparently, the solution to fixing war is to eliminate most of the targets.  Wheeee!

How about this, Con?  Make it possible for non-raiders to open up their compounds to raiders but with no losses (food, ammo, etc.) and free, instant repair of damage.  The main reason non-raiders won't play in the wars is that they don't want to lose their stuff and have ass-hats wreck their compound.    Personally, I would open five or six accounts up on that basis...and these would NOT be free flags.

And a pony for Christmas.

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