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I Need Some Help With The Game

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Im a n00bie, and i dont know how to play. My food and water are too low and i need to go to the city. I have 1 survivor also, that is crafting things.... i build 7 or 8 buildings (bed, storages, and barriers), but i dont know what more i can do.


Please help me. Thanks

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First off, do whatever you can to get new survivors. That's your primary goal at this stage.


Your leader can act as a medic when on missions. Hold the "spacebar" on your keyboard and click the icon of whatever survivor you want to heal. This can be the difference between success and failure. 


Secure your resources. 


You don't need anybody at the compound to build. You do however, need at least survivor at the compound if you are clearing junk. 


You have two sets of gear/weapons- one for missions and one for compound defense. Load up all survivors with guns for compound defense- there is no ammo cost to defend.


Have at least two survivors minimum per mission- one two scavenge, and one to cover the first one's back. 


Focus your firepower when defending. It's unlikely that other lowbies have grenades yet, so focusing your firepower on one area can create a deathtrap for anyone who comes near it.


Traps. Wiretraps are reusable with no cost, so those a great for killing and slowing down attackers. 


You can recycle junk. You have to do it manually until you can get the recycler, though. Still, junk provides valuable resources and components. 


If there is less than 5 minutes remaining on the mission return time, using the Deathmobile to bring them back early is free. This works great in Riverside North, where your compound is located. 


Raid hospitals often. They have medical supplies to heal those injuries you have. Build a medical bench so you can craft some supplies- upgrade it as much as possible. 


Good luck out there.

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Aquila Cozorav

Aquila Cozorav
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nice guide bro B|

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