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Warhammer 40k Themed Halloween (2019)

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David Adams

David Adams
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I think the weapons like the Imperial Rifle and the Khashokrieg needs a buff in order for other players like myself to craft more of these weapons.
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No worth to pay for them.

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Marcelo Max

Marcelo Max
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I agree, the weapons of the event are too weak for their level, not even worth doing them... only for collection.
If the weapons were better, many players would seek resources to make the items of the event and the trade would be much more active...

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The problem of making new craftable weapons stronger and stronger than the last is that it would make everything else before that look bad. In a time where uni drops are so bad and the crafts becoming OP and more OP is that player engagement becomes less and less unless there are events. Instead of being incentivized to play manual missions peeps just log in send autos every day until there is a new event. As crafts becomes more OP finding a uni becomes less valuable and important. Less engagement and soon people just get bored fast.

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