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Unable To Access My Old Lvl 40 Profile Progress

unable to load old progress

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Hi Team,


I used to play this game via armor games a couple of years back and unfortunately had to stop due to medical issues. However, I wanted to play again and when i tried to login back with my armor game account details.


It is starting the game from scratch and is not loading my old Level 40+ profile (Profile Character Name - Arwen ) and armor game user name - elite11111. Could you please let me know how to get back my old account with all the uniques and keys I worked hard for?

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Try with ag themswlves they had a data breach couple months ago maybe your account had some things changed to it perhaps ?
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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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are you sure you used the right AG account to sign in to tlsdz? are you sure it was on Armor? could it have been on FB or Kong?


the AG account is the sign in credentials to your game account on tlsdz,


when asked about a specific account CAG usually ask for it's specific AG_user_id number you see at the bottom of  the screen when logged in. 


people reporting that their saved game has disappeared off the tlsdz server is so rare I don't think it's a thing,

I don't think CAG ever deletes or resets accounts, there must be hundreds of thousands of them now, possibly even millions, even if someone only tries the game once it would create a saved game profile,

CAG has permanently banned some people for cheats & scams, if so the banned account would no longer be accessible,

banned accounts also have 'linked' accounts banned as well, I guess this is done if two accounts have the same internet address, 


I can only suggest double checking you've used the right AG account, to sign into the game with, to link up with an account you created on the tlsdz server,


also you could try completely wiping all the cookies on your pc and clearing your cache and temporary files, then you'd set a fresh set of cookies when you tried signing in again.


if you downloaded the free version of CCleaner the 'easy clean' feature should do this in one operation.


I've 4 different accounts, 2 on FB, 2 on AG, I've been absent from the game for a couple of years at one point, yet I was able to pick up where I left off without any problems on all accounts.


the AG data breach a while back would require you to change your AG account password, it only effected the AG part of things, it had nothing to do with the tlsdz game server which AG redirects you to once you've logged in successfully to AG.


idk if any of this will help but it might help clarify your understanding of how it all works,


I hope you manage to find your way back in, good luck!

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