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Can I Hear Zanta Coming?


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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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well the Prem & Herc boxes have stopped dropping,


is Zmas nearly here?


Dear Zanta,


I've been a very good boy this year, but I'd still like some coal to build Znowmen with! last year we had to find it in previous event boxes,


and the metal used in the tree, znowman & zmas mounts prolly needs to be this events crafting metal,


actually the Zmas mount parts didn't drop last year,


oh and don't forget the Zmas foods, that ham looks kinda tasty!


can we have the 'stims' back? we only had them for one Zmas and the antibiotics never dropped,


will there be exploding Zanta's? and reindeer dogs with red noses?


have I forgotten anything?


oh the fairy lights and the snow!


ho ho ho!



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I wouldn't get my hopes up

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So far I am Loving the Snowstorm event. The crafts looks good due its hightech looking and the snowstrom boxes it seems is in high demand but it seems the lack of craft variants is making it look bad.

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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Hi qwee,


I think you'll find there's a 2nd phase of this event about to be launched with a second wave of crafting options,


I'm rather glad to see so many previously crafted event items have been trade unlocked, I've been sitting on some stuff for ages being reluctant to just recycle it.


over this year we've seen a new event format evolve, crafts that aren't trade locked, two different batches of event craftables and the possibility of all crafts from the event being available to craft over a 'last chance' weekend at the end of the event,


I did pick up a hint that some other content may also be introduced or re-introduced but we can only wait and see what actually materialises,


bring it on I say!

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