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Back To A Sad Reality

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Cupinoy Raids

Cupinoy Raids
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Hello. Most of you might know me as Cupinoy a few years back creating Youtube for the game during the rise of compound raiding in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


In this video I make a return approximately 4 or 5 years later and hold and behold the problem that have been plaguing this game still exist.


I don't have much this to say but do let me know what you think in my latest video comment about this game. 

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saw your raid before you took it down. My say on it is you got old school mentality raiding skills. Different kind of defenses means many vectors to attack in. In your clip you just charged in shooting. You did not even try to angle shoot the survivors to isolate and take them out 1 by 1. And seeing as his base was a corner base you did not even grenade him from the inside to take out some survivors and barricades.

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