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Useless Items Being Dropped And Able To Be Crafted +more

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yo got a question for you mate,


first of all remove the boosts crap from the droplist or make them permanently craftable they take in valuable slots in med containers


Second what is the use for 'Refined Fabric' as i've seen and checked there is no use for this and never was except draining fuel


Third what is a radio amplifier used for since i have no idea what this is and i think it was/is a leftover from the beacon event in 2012, sloppy if you ask me


Fourth i do think people who bought the Premium Easter keys should get compensation or get like the amount of boxes they deserve into their invent since its bullshit you have a $$$ key on sale in the store with no actual use, also this is against many international laws of trade for false advertising


Fifth, can you for the love of god remove the chrismas theme to compounds missions and the terrordome the christmas jingles in the terrordome drive me nuts but due to the explo infected i like to keep sounds on only to get tormented by the crap


Sixth remove fucking books from Boxes add good books atleast if you do but nobody gets a boner from a 1hr 10% book since we can just use uni collector kits on gears and then we have the same effect


Seventh Re-Re-Release ALL unique kits including the GUNSLINGER AND RAIDER kits since these things are now being sold more as collectiables then actual being viable for usage.


Eigth Remove the low level crap from high level bounty boxes, as a level 60 player i dont want to see M26's or level 45 rares in my haul i dont like to rares at all i rather see these slots being taken over by either an Impro box grade 4 maybe (some unique swords and tonfa's would be appreciated) also upgrade the ammo boxes to 750


Nineth (maybe controversial) but due to the probable end of this game soon, can you please remove the trade cost permanently i mean to be fair the amount of fuel spent these days is more on level 3s crafting and upgrades since nothing is worth trading outside some very exclusive and good items.


Tenth can you for the love of god communicate with us atleast






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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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Good books for boxes, we have recently had 15% perm union city shortcuts & 40% perm baiting your home, I tried for both of those,


other options could be a 15% perm ammo saver book, also I'd love to see a perm 25% peak oil in a Herc box, I'd definitely try to score one of them!


the unique crafting kits could make a reappearance in prem boxes,


how about some Premium Upgrade tokens?  we do all have a lot of event crafts these days,


there are sufficient improvised melee weapons at the higher levels now to justify a Level 4 improvised box, kinda the craftable swords and the L55 melee crafts,



the amplifier craft was an original 2-way radio build item but was dropped when Con tried to make it easier for newbies to get into chat earlier, 



the stims components are still dropping, in a way I imagined the stim schemes would remain, maybe they're just event crafts and not 24/7 regular crafts?


the only addition to the med page is the antibiotics, it's only one slot and seems a gamble to remove them and then hope they were remembered if the stim schemes were re-issued during an event,



it would be wise to do something about those Easter event yellow prem box keys that the corresponding boxes never actually dropped for,


idk if they can be transformed into the prem keys for the next event?



I didn't know there was still zmas themed sound effects in some features!



I'm guessing refined fabric was added as groundwork for potential new gear crafts, they could still potentially appear, the other refined stuff was for the L55 melee crafts which have proved popular,


I've not got a problem with the trading fees, I've always unlocked the free trade slots and trading only seems a bit expensive at low levels,


oh.. on Kong there isn't a loading page picture, I think it's been absent for ages, idk why? they never get to see the artwork for events over there,


and the other odd thing on Kong is the glitch where when you first create an account and your Kong username doesn't carry over and you permanently end up being 'Guest' in chat,


I'm not  sure if there's a way to bulk fix all the Guests or they need attending to individually?

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We could use another spring cleaning update like we gotted a few years ago. That was a nice way to fix long-standing issues while adding minor, yet no less welcomed content in a modest patch that kept us happy. Right now more than ever would that be useful

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Then stop suggesting stuff that Will mess up the loot drop again

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