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The Death Of Our Favorite Con Artist?

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AZ Leader

AZ Leader
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NVM new game inbound. I was totally wrong and I am so hyped rn.

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We may have a Chance. See you guys in a few hours.

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Hmmm! So that happened, huh?

AZ do more of these haha

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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*grins and winks at Pro_Tyle  : )



oh guys,


am I right in saying Con made the keys for this years Hunt the same as last years Hunt so we can use any prem keys we have from last year?

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so how do you even play this damn game now because it won't stop putting itself in software rendering mode despite my graphics card being compatible and me trying every stupid damn solution and browser and older version and driver update that's been suggested to ever fix this problem that's apparently existed since 2014, the game came out in 2012 and its 2020......................what were you saying about caring about their player base and doing updates? oh guess you mean the themed events with matching lootboxes for all the holidays? See back in my day when a game company cared about it's player base and released updates, those updates actually............and this is crazy I know.........updated the game. you know, as opposed to loading the game with more monetary opportunities.

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