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S1nful S!n

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I have come to the forum to proudly present.





            S    1    N    F    U    L





We formed this alliance as a group of close friends for fun, bringing old veteran players and new upcoming recruits, and we have taken the #1 spot in alliance wars ever since we started raiding at S!N (undefeated at the time of this post) and we may just be the last top alliance before the game shuts down (we'll have to see about that)



We are here to win wars, make friends, teach players to raid (or other things about the game) reunite with old friends, and enjoy whatever enjoyment the game still has to offer, in short, we are here to have a good time.



Our alliance has no sole leader, it is ran by a group of leaders who vote on important alliance decisions who all have a diverse way of thinking so we all make the best choice possible when it comes to the alliance.




So far we have even broken records by having two top two alliances, (first alliance to do it more than one war in a row)


And the first alliance in DZ history to control all top 3 spots with our brother/sister alliances EMP1RE (E1R) and V1RTUE (V1R)


We are looking for old players or fresh recruits to come and join our top raiding alliance don't be afraid to come to us, we gladly train and accept people who are willing to learn.


We also have a discord server to keep in touch and to chat, and a Youtube channel to help teach people about the game.



Reply to this post if you're interested in joining or if you're in the game looking for us find someone with S!N tags in the chat or recruiting channel.


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Auraqais Daddy Dom

Auraqais Daddy Dom
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You forgot the part about annihilating RWD. 0/10 I'm quitting the game over this.
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Btw for the haters too scared to post and just downvote the thread for our entire alliance, go ahead and take your issues up with me @TheShadowPhantom in game.


I'm calling you out for it, we made this alliance to help new players and have fun, i'll be waiting for your salty cuckold selves.

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