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Bandopepe's Little Secret

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Well since the game is ending might as well let everyone know....

INFINITE FUEL..... or at least a really fast way to get a ton of it
Accessible only once you get access to union island and you must have a full fuel generator
It might look like a troll but it really works and it seems been there since union island was available

Step 1
- loadyour normal island raid loadout
Step 2
- refreash
Step 3
- collect your full fuel genny
Step 4
- go to city map
Step 5
- abandon island raid
Step 6
- send your island peeps on an automission but equip all with melee weapons. The game will error at this point
Step 7
- restock your full fuel generator and wait for it to fully restock
Step 8
- repeat step 2

Here are some tips use handymans book for less resouce use and use repair warboost for faster fuel genny restock.

Truly yours
- Bandopepe
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