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Smash Lael Event 2020

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Lael is by far the most toxic person in this game to have ever existed, why not just make the games final days a complete hell for her? The reward is ofcourse is hearing her cry for facing karma for all the crap she has done. Also I have a few uniques I guess people can have might be outdated but might be of some use.

List of crap Lael has done.

Harrased a cancer sick woman and had two people with the username megaman and black dragon find out her Facebook and harass her ingame and both outside the game and she has kept denying it and protect those to responsible.


FxU the alliance Lael is the owner of is by far the worst allience this game has ever had filled with exploiters, bulies and scammers that Lael kept defending and denying despite them time and time again being proven to be cheaters, bullies and scammers. 

Lael is a coward and can't fight her own battles and gets others to do it for her lying to everyone hidding the truth why she is being targeted. 


Caused drama on the deadzone discord server despite several warnings would not stop but no she is the victim.

Constantly sides with the winning team(she will just switch teams without concern by lying to everyone) and brags about actually doing something that matters when infact she never anything remarkable. 


She has been falsely reporting people to con when she is the one who started everything. 


She keeps playing the fucking victim when it is her who is the bully. Like smashing new players of enemy alliances then cries and denies starting anything with her 100 alts when people retaliate.


She has been known to scam new players of their good gear.


She keeps butting into peoples personal business when it's none of her business.


She defends people has entered a fued with enemies without even having all the facts she just is happy to have people siding against people she has a problem with. And denies anything the opposition does or says. She probably doesn't actually care she just loves attention and causing destruction.
She slanders everyone mostly with bullshit stuff or leaves out the things that is important.


She polices the chat and then goes and violates her precious TOS within the same chat session multiple times usually[








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This is a list of laels accounts.

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