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Lefty, Signing Out

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Well, we've come to the end of the road.


I started playing The Last Stand: Dead Zone when it launched on Armor Games. I played this game exclusively at work (thanks to my employer's lax Internet Settings), to distract me from the boredom between jobs. Because of this, I missed many Easter, Independence Day, and Thanksgiving Events, but Halloween and Z-Mas were just awesome.


I was never much for raiding or trading. I was a War Task heavyweight and looted mostly par or sub-par uniques and rares. I tried to craft whatever event item I could, held on to Event Boxes and components (to this day, I still have my Z-Mas Gifts), and flew my White Flag high and long.


I was blocked by Mother twice, always tried to troll the trolls, offered my advice and in-game knowledge to anyone who asked, and looked forward to the days after 5PM EST when Con would pop in the chat to talk future updates and flash his level 1,001 pocket knife. I hated the Island and Terror Dome from the start, then hated it less when I figured it out, and I was slaughtered by Berzerkers and Unique Infected more times than I care to remember.


I never finished my Research, thanks to lack of Notes and Components. Never maxed out my Compound, thanks to lack of Security Notes. But I did manage to get 189/190 Achievements Unlocked.


In all, I had a blast these 8-ish years (minus the 2-ish I stopped playing). Best of luck to all those still playing, all of those who stopped but still lurk in the Forum, and of course, to Con and Team with their new game. Maybe we'll meet again someday.


Peace out, Dead Zone!

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Peace out bro, it's been real.

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Ghost Recon

Ghost Recon
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I am going to miss all those events and updates this game added.


now TLS Aftermath will be the the future of The Last Stand series.

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Cheers fam.

Sad to see a real OG leave after 8 years

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