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The Rescue

peace pacifist helping newbies

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An alliance made by merciful, helpful people who love peace and avoid war. Made from former medics/cops/mechanics or other people who liked helping. We are dedicated to save, help and protect. We don't help for being helped back, but just to show that the apocalipse didn't tear appart all kindness and humanity. 


Alliance rules:

1) Help newbies(new players who really want to learn) and ignore n00bs(new player that think that they are best and everyone else is a looser)

2)Don't raid. Raiding seems to me more a fun than a necesity. Don't be blinded by vengeange, maybe they were desperated(or simply put a bounty)

3)Don't be aggresive(verbaly)

4)Speak only english

5)Have fun. It is just a game, don't get angry or frustrated.

6)Be loyal to us. We help you and you help us, no betray.

7)Don't expect to have no tasks. When alliances will be made,YOU will have tasks.

8)Show respects to both higher and lower levels. We all are people, and we all are a familly.

9)Help your enemies.Something hard, but they are still human and don't deserve to die.

10)Be ready to fight.We don't atack often, but we still have to defend



  Ranks(show your tasks and how capable you are)

1)Defenders: bassicaly recons. The subclasses are:

-Hunter: first rank, not very experienced, but have long range and vision




2) Tanks(fighters, have to protect the others):

-pebble: lowest grade, not very much health or combat experience

-rock: pretty much health and medium experience

-boulder: a lot of health, much experience


3)Life savers(medics):most important part, since we are meant to help other


-combat medic




- ingenious

-crafting man

-engineering master


5) Looters:


-steady hands

-master at scavanging


6) Generals: leaders that have different "powers"

-sergent: can position his survivors and upgrade things in the alliance compound, but nothing more

-officer: can build production centers and drop-offs and position sgt.'s men+ sgt. abilities

-comander:can build traps, defences, position buildings and do everything lower grades can do.


Do you think that YOU are able to fight for the weaker? Can YOU help the prayed and betryed one? Can YOU make a better world/ IF yes, join us.


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