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"zombie Raid Music"

Zombie raid music

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Alright..so What i basically mean is..say like how every time someone sends out survivors and or the compound becomes under siege by zombies. how about it has its own special "theme" to make it feel more tense? or exciting?

 A example of this kind of music would be the themes from the last stand 2: Aspenwood or even whistlers grove


My point is..there is little to no theme changing and after a while you kinda want to turn off the slow depressing music. 


EDITED: Anyone who wants to hear the theme of "whistlers grove" to know what kind of theme i'm talking about


hear ya go,  http://www.youtube.c...h?v=vGx4t66xOlc

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Stg Jonny

Stg Jonny
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I like this idea. I personal find the current background noise to be very annoying, and I always turn it off.

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Cool idea.

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