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General Faq

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So many questions can be answered by the collection of answers below!



What is the maximum number of survivors?

You can get 10 in total, we don't have plans to increase that limit.



Why can't I raid players who are online?

Latency is the issue here. We have centralized servers, the fast paced nature of the game doesn't allow for an even playing field when lag is involved.


On top of that, we've chosen not to build the game to cater for real time multiplayer, to do so would need a complete overhaul of the combat systems.




We need more maps, guns, gear, zombies, kitchen sinks, etc.

We've got plans for content up to level 50, at the moment we only have content to around level 30. New areas will be released in larger chunks. With those new areas come the new weapons, gear and enemy types.




Will there be more buildings to construct?

There will be more buildings to construct in the compound eventually, yes.




What's on the "red" island on the right side of the map?

That's Union Island, it'll be the last area we unlock.




Why does trading cost fuel?

The cost tied to trading is to stem the flow of trade that would happen if it was free, also to stop harassment from lower level players as they beg for resources.




Why does crafting cost fuel?

This is to keep the value of found items up and to ensure that the market isn't flooded with crafted weapons.




Where do I find Unique and Rare items?

These items are the same as their base types. They can be found wherever weapons and gear are normally found, they're just much rarer.




When will you implement Luck and Enemy Info?

We're still determining what these features will be, they will be included in the game before we leave beta.




Flame weapons like Molotovs and Flamethrowers!

We've discussed adding these, there's just a lot of work in the particle effects and animations that come along with them. It's a bunch of new mechanics for potentially a handful of weapons. We're looking at it, but don't have any immediate plans. 




When is the next update?

We work to get updates out every 2-3 weeks, with a small development team we push to get them out as quickly as possible.






Can I download and play this?

We don't have any plans for a downloadable client version of the game as we're constantly updating the content. We also don't have any plans for an offline version of the game as it's just not designed that way. 




Can I play this on iOS / console / graphics calculator?

Not any time soon, we don't plan on releasing Dead Zone on any other platforms at the moment.




Can I publish videos of Dead Zone gameplay to YouTube?

Yes. Please do! We're ok with you making advertising money off them as well.