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Professor Oak

Professor Oak
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Okay, the books we have now are great. They really are. 


But I have a few to propose: (And with the help of others, we can have more! I'll add your book idea if I deem it, "Swagalicious")Red





"A book filled with a how to guide on healing."

-Allows all survivors to heal one another

-Only found in the Fuel Shop

-Costs about a good Ol' 2K fuel

-Slows down healing time by 25-50 Percent (For everyone, including medic/leader)


The Reason, Oak?:


First off, I only have one medic (GET MORE, LOSER HAHAHA) (nope.)

and my leader. This causes inbalance when I send out my scavenger and Fighter class. If the scavenger is hurt, there is NO way to help him  whatsoever. Via Meeediiiic book, they could potentially heal each other. However it'd be a lot slower than a normal Medic/Leader.


Mission Book:



"According to this book, the use of no lights while on a run helps on the long run. Whatever."

-Increases Mission XP by 5 ~ 10%

-DECREASES Light by 10~50%

-Found anywhere


The Reason, Oak?:


We have the "Nighthunting" book, so why not one where it DECREASES light?


Currently these are the only two I can think of right now. 

Post suggestions! I want to see what you all propose!





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