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alliance god dead last will weapon gear

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Tod Ogan

Tod Ogan
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G.O.D.O.T - (God Of Dead - Onslaught Traitors)


Join, everyone who wants to save the humankind that betrayed us.

This is the project that belongs to all the rotten ghouls who have lost faith in humanity.

Together, we will confront the Divine Wrath, and will become the new peace makers of the world.


Now, these are our objectives...


1- Raid and rhape everyone who is against our cause (Just for fun)


2- Protect the sacred tools of our salvation (Get all the Unique weapons with the adverd "Peace maker")


3- Spread chaos among the forsakeless sinner (Lower levels player will be equipped with powerful weapons and overwhelming gear)


4- Take control of the Bounty Office.


5- Stablish our own black market.


6- Train hunters, get them ready for complete Dead Zone Global missions and give tactical support.


7- Nothing, I just like that the list has 7 points...


About us...


There are no ranges...just your wisdom will give you power...You always can learn something new...


Wanna set fire to the world???


Call us             - Mr_yonz@hotmail.com

Look for us      - Zeven

Leave a mark  - On the forum


Se aceptan hispanohablantes...


La verdad es, bueno, entren los que quieran, igual me voy a "gharchar" a todos los que aparescan en la oficina de cazarecompensas....

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"Stablish"....glad to see this Alliance was based in Alabama. 

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