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Scavenging Gameplay Issues And Annoyances

scavenge scavenging gameplay annoyance

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The scavenging gameplay requires the player to learn how to control the survivors while dealing with tight time constraints. I believe, however, there are a few annoyances that make this particular gameplay very frustrating sometimes. I don't consider them to be bugs but instead just minor game design flaws that could be improved. They are:


1. When attempting to move two or more survivors to the same spot, their target positions overlap. As soon as they near the established position they start competing, going back and forth around each other, in a foolish attempt to occupy the same spot. This weird behavior has higher priority than shooting zombies and lasts a few seconds; so they can take a lot of unnecessary damage from attacking zombies in the process. Assuming survivors have physics enabled for collision detection, I'd recommend avoiding, in the code, multiple target positions to overlap. That would not only enhance the player experience but also result in a much more realistic behavior;


2. Survivors quite often ignore commands to move. Sometimes I have to click the target position 2 or even 3 times before the survivor starts moving. When I'm not paying attention to that particular survivor, its not uncommon to have him/her isolated, surrounded and "downed" by zombies;


3. When attempting to move a selected survivor to a new location, it's pretty easy to end up by selecting another survivor instead, if he/she is close enough to the target location. This is specially annoying when you quickly want to gather a large group on a small exit area;


4. When using the keyboard to select a survivor that is already selected, the view is centralized on that survivor. The centralization feature is nice but annoying when activated by mistake. When I want want to leave an area, for example, I often pan the view to the exit area and then type the number of each survivor followed by clicking a target location for them; without even worrying about their current locations. If, however, after panning the view, I happen to type the number of the currently selected survivor, bang! The screen is back to him and I have to restart the process. To avoid this, the feature could be made a lot more useful by requiring the survivor number to be typed twice in a row (within a maximum interval of about .5 sec or so) in order to be activated;



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I agreed on most of them.. :D supported and at least let the one in charge know how to reply with this. :D

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