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Iron Fence, Iron Cage Fence, Barbed Wire Fence.

metal wire fence defence protection

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Hi there Me Rexel141 here for another gaming idea. I know the game has a lot of nice defence's around but even with all of them one minor slip up can turn your castle into ruins even against the undead misplacing protection can be lethal against zombie swarms especially  if your are outnumbered like if you send half your survivors away on a mission and the infected attack. So I thought of a few new defences against the dead and people.


so theres a few things you must first know the difference between the three.

the iron fence. https://encrypted-tb...f7lDuw6c1cYHGzm


Iron cage fence http://borgfenceandd...18954031635.jpg

Barbed wire fence https://encrypted-tb...GrnBPrhtC27EmcZ


Though they seem similar there is a few signifcant differences.


First off the iron fence is the strongest of the three and most durable

The iron cage fence is stronger than the barbed wire fence but unlike the barbed wire fence it does not do damage.

The barbed fire fence does some drawback damage when some one runs into it though weak in nature and can be easily broken the damage knock back will discourage any assailant from getting too close.


The iron fence can hold up 10 spaces at level 1 and 2 it will look something like this http://www.aladdingates.com/fence3.jpg without the rock and it will be slightly taller, waist height.


at level 3 and 4 it will look like this https://encrypted-tb...mtP8zGs9yxSq62O much taller with spiked ends 


finally levels 5 and 6 will look like level 3 and 4 but it will be re-enforced with iron skirting with barbed wire running through it similar to the barrier spikes and barricade.


The iron cage fence is lighter and weaker but easier to craft and takes up less space it's also longer and is as long as a barrier spike or  barrier wire. it's nimble yet tall but can easily be broken with melee however it is very very hard to break with gun fire mainly because well you can shoot right through it. The iron cage fence is used to keep people out it doesn't stop against bullets. Don't rely on it to make you bullet proof. 


Rockstar made a perfect "level 1 and 2" 

http://static.gamesr...ticle_image.jpg bless grand theft auto! 


A tennis court you can't get a better example http://i00.i.aliimg...._web11_4540.jpg

That is at level 3 and 4 by the way


A level 5 finally we get this monster http://www.arabwirem.../slider_pic.jpg

Don't even try climbing this bad boy the fence requires you to electrify it wooh! You need a battery array built and some copper wire too . That's to power electricity through it. Get too close and you get zapped bad. like this  You got love metal gear solid. Hideo Kojima i tip my hat off to you, metaphorically speaking. Anyways! 


Lets move on to the Barbed wire fence. starting off as a basic 3 wired fence i love electricity i'm sorry by level 2 you can electrify the fence. but yeah like this. sorry but these videos really help show what i'm on about. just imagine level 1 without the fires and well the same applys you need a battery array. 


The barbed wire soon makes it's way to a couple of more wires making it taller level 3 and 4 http://aaastones.in/...0190918_std.jpg


Before finally at level 5 nazis teach you how to build a real barbed wire fence ... of course...  fun Fact that picture is at a concentration camp in poland, it's called Auswitch i went there on school tour :D hah


Anyways! a few things


the Iron fence is the only fence to offer protection from bullets effectively.

The barbed wire fence can handle both bullets and melee quite well due to the wires being apart 

The Iron cage fence is all connected together making melee quite effective against them like spikes. However it's very good at a first or last resort keeping out intruders by distracting them by "an annoying useless fence" These fences aren't to protect you they are to keep out intruders. they aren't meant to offer cover.


I'll be adding the defence stats tomorrow as it's 1am! Man the time got away from me! Goodnight! Don't thumb down for no good reason especially since i am no where near finished! this is the icing on the cake! the crust of the pie! one side of the same coin! you get the idea.


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