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Blue Print Drops

blueprint drop rate higher levels

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OK so I know this was almost beat to death in the old forums, but This just really irqued me. 


LVL 30 Highway run:








not only did i get two identical blueprints off this run, but two identical lvl 5 green crowbars. :?


what happened here?


Look I understand "these drops are random" but is there anyway you could atleast add a line of code into the algorithm that says something like (print lvl must = +/- 5 levels of area)?




I am sick of hunting for weeks or even months just to find a print that is somewhere near the level of the areas I am looking in. This is getting to be really old.

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I feel with you.

It´s sometimes annoying ... you run lvl 25-30 missions and you still found a lot of ultra low lvl stuff... not only the schematics, also weapons and gear ... last mission: lvl 29 - found lvl 5 gloves and some other gear lower than lvl 10 ... that´s not ok.

If it would be some usefull stuff like baseball bat or hockey thingy - to recycle perhaps treated wood from - this would be ok ;)

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