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Order Of The Falcon [ofa] (currently Recruiting)

Order Of The Falcon OFA Clan Recruiting

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Almost two years has passed since the first report of the outbreak happened. We have seen our loved ones dying left and right, with us unable to help. The feeling of being powerless gripped everyone during the first few days of the outbreak. And in that time alone, the survival instinct in mankind took over, plundering and looting gripped the city as humanity fell as so do the hopes of the citizens.

But among the ashes of the once great city. Survivors began to emerge, building up their own outposts and compounds. Making their own last stand against the infected, planting their heart and foot to the ground against the terror that is the infected, fighting back and taking back areas from the zombified population. Just after a year, humanity has once again risen from the ashes of terror. Outposts and compound sprung everywhere, survivors leaving their little hidey-holes to join a compound that could provide for them and fight with them.

Even so, as humanity is present everywhere, so would the evil in the hearts of the survivors. War broke out, albeit small and just between two compounds or more. Casualties were always present. Looting, murder, and unspeakable deeds were done as more and more wars were waged between survivors.

Thus, The Order of the Falcon was created. An alliance hell bent on peace, and doing whatever possible to achieve it.

It is said, if you're ever in a pinch. Look for the banner that has a Knife, guarded by twin white falcon wings. Symbolizing the power of the pure and righteous to purge the evil.Ringed with three stars, to show rank and unquestioned discipline.

As of now, we are looking for;

-New loyal members.

-Clan Alliances
-Veterans (The know-it-all players)

Please apply.

Oh, and yes. This forum post will be used to update any and all activities for the clan.

Founder: Syncronist (Level 26)
Field Commander:

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