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Q: Hat Clipping Issues.

headgear hats clipping

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It's been a while since our glorious hat update came out some time ago, starting off with a small collection of purchasable hats before they starting dropping across the dead zone. I guess a bunch of people liked it and such because it allowed customization of your survivors' headgear and what not. But the one thing that has always peeved me is the fact that the hats have some major clipping issues if you enable hair to appear on your survivor while wearing a hat.


When hats first came out, I was cool with having your survivor go bald because they wanted to wear this basic sky blue cap because I had a single bald survivor at the time. Soon enough, the option to enable hair to display while wearing a hat came out and I was looking forward to mixing and matching hairstyles with different hats but then the real problem arised. There are practically no hats or hairstyle that do not clip with one another. Every single hairstyle would clip with hats because of the positioning of the hat being right on your noggin' and it doesn't get properly repositioned if your survivor's hairstyle was anything other than bald.


So, I ask you Dead Zone. What are your thoughts on hats and hair clipping?

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there needs to be a "bald" option for hair so that hats look proper when worn.

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As an avid hat collector, i understand what you mean. But I find that (depending on the hat) there are some hairstyles that can be enabled without conflicting with it.

I'll go into detail here, so bear with me.


First things first, hair is set to not show off by default on your survivors, which admittedly makes them look bad beacuse as you said all you get is the hair, sitting lonely atop a bald head.

For those who don't know, you can set the hair to show by clicking >edit survivor and >show hair. You can also change hair color this way.


Lootable hats


Caps/Trucker caps (all colors)


Ladies: Caps go well with "short" and "mohawk" (if you're looking for something a little over the top).


Gents: Nice hairstyles for the discerning cap-sporting survivor are "Balding", "Short", and "Mohawk". You can complement the cap with any beard style.


Bandanas (all colors)


Now, for some reason, bandanas don't show on engineers when they're on a mission. Whatever.


Ladies: Bandanas and hairstyles don't mix. The only one you can use is "Pony", ...and "Mohawk", i guess, if you're going for the silly look.


Gents: You can keep the hair to "None" and add any beard style for a nice rugged look. Other good styles are "Balding", "Short", and "Mohawk".


UCPD hat


Ladies: This hat goes very well with the "Short" hairstyle. All the other don't mix well.


Gents: "None", "Balding", and "Short" are all good styles. For bonus points, if you give this hat to one of your fighters, it will make him look like Rob Halford.


Sheriff Hat


Ladies: Again, "Short" and "Pony" are good. "Pony" clips a little on the back.


Gents: "None" and "Short" look good. Scavenger sport this hat at its best, IMO.




Since it's worn on the face and not on the head, this mask can accommodate all hairstyles. Recons can wear it withour losing their hood, too. So you should definitely toggle that hair on, son!


HERC Gas Mask


Much like the HERC mask, these are worn on the face, not on the head, thus all hairstyles can fit them.


Tactical Goggles


As before, they're worn on the face; all classes can find a use for them since they are a relatively minor addition and complement most hats nicely.




Premium hats


These could / will only be found in the store, and do not drop normally. Most are class-specific.




Football Helmet


Fighter-leader only. I don't particularly like them, but that's me. Don't bother setting a hairstyle to match, because they don't mix well with hair, with the possible exception of the mohawk... i guess...


Green Beret


A nice fighter hat, that fits well with ALL male styles (except Mohawk and Wall Street). I don't have a female fighter, so i can't check, but i guess most hair-heavy styles don't mesh well.




Hard Hat


Engi-specific; fits the "Short" and "Pony" styles on females, but can worn without hair as well if you so prefer. On males, it should fit all styles.


Welder's Mask


Again, since it's a mask, it doesn't conflict with the hair. Good for engis, good for leaders.




Surgeon's Cap


A medic hat. Can be worn with "Pony", "Short", and a mohawk. Guy doctors should choose a hair-light style.


Medic Mirror


Another medic hat... but it's not really a hat, even if it's worn like one. Most styles are good fits, even though some clip slightly with the round thingy.




Hockey Mask


The infamous hockey mask is a scav hat. Since it's a mask, it can be worn with other hats, and fits all hairstyles.


Scavenger Wrap


If you're looking to gear your scavenger completely, this is the only hat you'll ever need. It's a whole-head hat, like the football helmet, which means that it doesn't show any hair (or it clips horribly); unlike the football helmet, this actually looks good on its own (again, IMO). Ditch that hair when you wear this, son - in the post-apoc world, we don't need hair.




Scouting Shroud


This is a unisex hat for recons. It replaces the basic hood with one that looks more like the ones from S.T.A.L.K.E.R, and gives your recon a different feel. Doesn't fit hair; doesn't need to.


Recon Breather


A recon-only gas mask. Looks exactly like the HERC gas maks - that is, flippin'awesome. Worn on the face, does not remove the hood.




Uncle Sam Hat


Meh... I guess if you're American, you'll get some better mileage with this than I do. However, everyone can wear it without having it clip with their hair.


Uncle Sam Beard


Great for everyone, replaces the survivor's beard. The kicker? It can be worn by women, too. :D

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If you'd like to see how a specific hat + hat / hat + something else combination looks like, feel free to ask me. I can post some pictures.

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