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Simple One Line Suggestions

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President Bongo

President Bongo
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This thread is for SIMPLE ONE LINE suggestions (with possibly ONE LINE of explanation). Post your long ideas in a separate thread.




1. In the city view you should be able to use the movement arrows like in the compound view.


2. The 'Leave Area' dialogue shows 'out of green zone' (red X) when players start outside the green zone then enter it. It should update player position at least once a second. (or better, do the next suggestion)


3. Running, reloading, firing, and being in the green zone should show as icons in the HUD pics.


4. Players should be able to gift items to other players UNSOLICITED (with possible low fuel cost).


5. When selecting a new weapon the weapon currently equipped, should be more clearly marked or highlighted, like a white square around the red/green corner boxes.


6. Shift R should cause all players to reload.


7. Shift H shoud cause all players that can heal to continuously heal until everyone within 8 units of the healer is healed.


8. You should be able to unequip a locked book by throwing it away forever.


9. The number of survivors should be upped to 12 so players can run 2,3, or 4 survivor missions at the same level. (This can be balanced in a number of ways, simplest would be to make all missions 20% harder.)




11. Players should be able to pay a Fuel cost to post a crawl message (on the bottom chiron) every 10 minutes for 24 hours.


12. Next year the "Uncle Sam Hat" should not suck, (Like +10% health)


13. Next year, the "Uncle Sam Beard" should be Gear not Clothing so it can worn with the Uncle Sam Hat, AND it should ALSO not suck. (Example: +40% Range, +30% Capacity, +20% Reload, +10% Accuracy, +5% Damage)


14. You should offer a "Jihad Joe", "Head Wrap" (Clothing), and "Dirty Beard" (Gear) because most players love being giant douche bags more than being patriotic. (Example: +20% Range, +100% Capacity, -15% Reload, -10% Accuracy, -5% Damage, +1% chance per mission/raid of exploding while carrying explosives.)


15. Lower the cost of upgrading Uniques, Purples, Blues, and Greens. 1000 Fuel to up a level 20 Unique is just crazy. Now, 1000 Fuel to up a good level 30 Unique might be more reasonable.


16. Upgrading an item should also have a chance of adding small (1%-3%) crafting bonuses.


17. When crafting a weapon from an existing weapon at least 5%-15% of any initial bonuses / weakness should transfer to the new weapon.


18. You should be able to upgrade one specific aspect (range, accuracy) of a weapon by 1%-10% separate from the level.





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Following your format, here is my personal feedback. It's mainly not too positive I'm afraid


1. Useful

2. A minor gripe

3. Reloading is already shown above a survivors head. No need to dulicate this

4. No, trading has a fuel cost to avoid exploitation

5. A minor gripe

6. Players automatically reload when no enemies in site. You can select your characters quickly using the tab button and hit R to make each reload

7. No, there is no need for this.

8. Books have their warnings and time limits clearly shown. This would only be very rarely useful

9. Suggested many tiems before and always shot down

10. There are already around 90, how many more do you want?

11. Do you mean the in-game broadcast that the developers use to tell players about updates? If so, no

12. Clothing effects are all tiny. This is one of the reasons I dispose of clothing as soon as it is found

13. May not even happen next year. Irrelevant

14. No, the potential for uproar from nations you are satirising would not be worth it

15. Upgrading items is optional

16. I'm not a fan

17. Why? To remove useful weapons from the game?

18. No, crafting is a gamble

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1) Yes

2) No

3) No

4) No - too exploitable

5) No

6) No

7) No - pathing nightmare -- how does it decide who to heal first?  unless you meant all at same time in which case No (x1000)

8) Maybe -- and only on temp books

9) No - there are already plenty of survivors if you're managing it right

10) Most found weapons (ex. SCARs) have schematics, new schematics for the new found weapons will likely be released at some point

11) No idea what you're talking about -- so No

12) No that would be too overpowering (and P2W)

13) You can wear two articles of clothing now (so you can wear both now).  If one was made into gear then yes -- it should have better stats, but then it should also cost more.

14) No, just No

15) No

16) No -- that's what the initial craft is for, or luck with found items.

17) No -- a lot of people use rusty/old weapons as crafting bases and you don't want those to transfer

18) No

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-The ability to see PVP (watch how to make RAID-report video)

-Green, yellow and red dot in the icon player informing against the onslaught of the area are the survivors. Green-all, yellow-half, red-no

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9-No. Already said

10-No need


12/13- NO! The beard would be the most overpowered gear ever! And you can equip both of them and clothing is purely cosmetic. The bonuses are simple.

14-Little bonuses men, little! Not even an unique exrended mag wouldn't give so much capacity! I would love more clothing, but c'mon






Sorry, mostly bad/strange ideas, overpowered and useless.

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