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Which Group Would Survive The Zombie Apocalypse


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Part of basic training is survival with only basic necessities. Compass, map, identifying toxic and edible plants, etc. Plus, many soldiers had hunting experience prior to joining the service, since the military tends to attract individuals with the sort of mindset that hunting appeals to (you're not going to find many effete metrosexuals in the service). Then again, that's the US Army (which still lionizes Sherman and his army), I'm not sure about the other services (I imagine the Marines and AF do this) or other countries.


Also, the idea of any American service member breaking in the face of zombies is... kinda funny. Maybe you guys should go read the service creeds; the Navy one is sorta weird, but their record for bravery in the face of the enemy goes back to the founding of the country. Cops are going to be hit or miss as far as breaking is concerned, but on the other hand they'll likely be given the option of staying for the fight or leaving with their families.

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The rich and powerful put too much stock in the power of money. (stock, money, haha). Anyway, when the chips are down and the zed are at the front door, no amount of money will prevent the employees from saving their own skins. I know I wouldn't stick around- I won't give my life for a million dollars I'll never get to use.


Just so you have a realistic idea of how prepared the rich and powerful can potentially be, here is one example personally acquaintanced.




Populance: Almost already zombieland (J/K) with pockets of non-hostile zombie areas and hostile raider of all kinds. Most are not trained, but plenty of gov forces,
corrupted, rebels, and criminals with the means, the will, and the experience. This is one of those places where a convoy of +50 officials and journalists with armed
guards can be massacared in board daylight, just to make a stupid statement.

Perimeter: Gated community with community-paided armed guard patrols. One or two privately-paid armed guards on-duty at all times. Non-existing arsenal with not enough non-existing grenades, but more then enough non-existing ARs and LMGs to arm a fireteam or a squad, with non-existing AT capabilities. With the addition of non-existing lesser firearms, probably enough to arm a platoon or two. Others in that community probably have something similar.

Transportation: CEN B4 transport.

Everything-else: More then adequate. (But it is a life not envied, three sucessful kidnappings for that family in a decade, seen first aftermath of close-ranged
headshot before puberty there, all the security rules and mentality, on top of everything else. Middle-class living like kings without security forces, no thanks; even if as upper-class with security forces, still no thanks.)


(And the top mentioned is not China, the place have stayed in China, there is no need to pay the securities because a couple in the community is VIP enough for free pistol-armed government security guard and patrol. Building is not zombie proof with no thick anti-burglary window bars, double anti-burglary metal-slab doors, and no stable supplies)

Also, what kind of zombies? Walking Dead corpes zombies? 28 Weeks rage zombies? I Am Legend vampire zombies? Some other types of zombies?

With the WD kind, if one cannot eat ham and turkey sub next to c*davers without barfing, they are better off running, besides WD zombies are slow and weak against
solid buildings.

With the Legend kind, even that community with armed guards and non-existing arsenals will have a hard time surviving, the only community with reasonable chances are probably Combat Arms communities.

With the 28 Weeks kind, since they still looked human under the influcence of super-rabies sickness, if the government did not breakdown, could envision been charged with involuntary manslaughter or excessive force if the the rage virus turns out to be slightly stronger form of normal rabies.

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