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Infected Attacks Slow Motion, Unable To Command Survivors

Infected attack zombie raid

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This happened to me right after new fuelpack update.

I had infected attack immediatedly after i had logged in, i clicked wait so i could heal my survivors before zeds attack.

When i allowed to bring it on everything went weird; i couldn't command my survivors to move to better positions and all the zeds were moving slow motion. Either the zombies came towards my guys, they just stood or moved around the other side of compund (i have one side wonder layout)

When i tried to move my guys they said ok, moving out or whatever but they didn't want to go where i told them to go just moved a little or none. Looks like it might have something to do with pathfinding?

Also i tried to build rally flag since my leader were assigned to unsafe place but i wasn't allowed to place flag anywhere. The countdown clock were ticking at the moment.

This happened me 3 times before i made report out of it. First time was after normal log in and second after i had refreshed.


Edit: they seem to get stuck at spawning points or around the my leader's  body. Also i can't change my layout since i cant replace rally flags or barricades.


ps. it's getting annoying because i can't start playing before attack is over and it can't be over before all zeds are down.


edit: I got into playing by changing weapons and shooting them outside the range. I'm glad this was only 1 time issue 

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