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About Downed Survivors (repeated) And Grabbing K.o Survivor

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Ah...Repeat my  last idea http://forum.conarti...wned-survivors/

Because i'ts forgotten :P


Survivor should fight their way back up though and strange if they just K.O and get severe injuries....... This doesn't work when killed by Traps/Greanades


*Survivor will be downed  if  his HP are  0% HP (duh!)

*When Downed survivor have additional HP but it will decrease over time so you need to revive him (medic is the best ones)

*Survivor will attack nearby enemies who atttacks him/her and he/she cannot move (shoots when ranged,shove and attack when melee)

*Reviving  Survivor needs time

*if successfully revived he/she will be back on action with 20% HP (30% if revived by Medic) and minor injuries (G1,G2,G3)

*Survivor only 2 times downed,3rd incapation will K.O him/her and make a severe injuries (G3,G4,G5) on him

*When downed a notification will tell you this:

#Survivor name#  is downed!  Hurry save him!


*Helpful Indicator that helps you know how many times your survivor downed in a mission

1st incapation some blood sprinkle on his/her interface/icon

2nd incapation Bloody screen on his/her interface/icon


*Compound Defender can be downed  Defeat him/her  with Kick (spacebar on his body),Shooting on him/her, and Greanades





Grabbing K.O survivor (Suggested by PetertehDumb)

Strange when a downed survivor go to compound with some injuries


*press Spacebar /click  his body then go to green zone a.k.a exit zone then Press Spacebar on  survivor who grabs downed survivor to drop him/her


Why should i do that?

*Preventing another severe  (Grade3, Grade4,Grade5)  injuries

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I just cannot stop being reminded of The Last of Us multiplayer by this post.
Pretty much my favorite game I have played in the last couple years.

As for the OP I think this idea could work.
However it might just make standard missions even easier.
With some balencing this idea could have a future.
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like it but needs balancing but +1 non the less