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Union City Heroes [uch]

Heroes Alliance UCH Union City Registration

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Union City Heroes


The “Union City Heroes” are a clan that consists of People willing to make a Greater difference for the whole community by protecting the Wasteland known as “The Dead Zone” from bandits, raiders and any other type of hostile players who wish to destroy all hope for humanity.





1.     Be friendly to everyone, don’t be a dick and troll people. This includes fellow clan members because they count as your family.


2.     Do not attack or threaten other Players/Clans and start wars. We are a peaceful clan and we intend to stay neutral to everyone.


3.     Do not randomly attack someone and destroy his or her compound. As a peacekeeping clan, we do not support raiding. However we will allow raiding if it happens to be in the form of a bounty, or in the form of retaliation.


4.     If conflict arises with you and another clan member, contact “Cameron_R_Craig” through his Email (listed in the “contact” section) and we will resolve it peacefully.


5.     Do not under any circumstances leave the group at random. If you wish to leave the group, talk to “Cameron_R_Craig” through his email. However if you leave without talking to any higher-ranking members you will be branded a traitor.


6.     You ultimately represent a force for good, thus what you do should represent the clan as a whole. If you fail or refuse to follow this rule you are ultimately discriminating the clan and will be demoted to a lower rank in the clan and or be kicked from the clan entirely.


7.     You must be an active member, if you are not active in the alliance for more than at least 7 days you will be demoted and or possibly kicked from the clan entirely. However if you send us an email (Listed below) and forewarn us about needing permission to be offline past the 7 day mark because of reasons such as vaccation, buisness trip, ect, then we will give you permission to be offline past the 7 day mark.





Since we are Friendly towards all players and clans in the dead zone, we are always willing to negotiate. Whether they are during times of war or just small misunderstandings.




-“Team ZED [TZ]”


-“Dead Zone Scholars [DzS], [DsA]”


-"The Hero Board [THB]"


-"Unity Of Spades, Unity of Hearts [FSP], [FS2]"





            When you join the clan, you’ll receive protection from fellow clan members.

When you become a member of the Union City Heroes, you become a member of a whole family of people willing to make a difference for the greater good. In other words: we will never abandon you in times of dire need.


            As for Boosters, we mostly have "Item" and "Fuel", so that UCH's Members can find better quality items and be able to obtain more fuel durring scavenging missions.





In order to be promoted and move up ranks, you have to prove that you have earned it, such as taking part in Alliance/war Tasks, and or helping fellow clan members in various ways and doing tasks that support the alliance.


1.     Peacekeeper (Private)

2.     Guardian (Corporal)

3.     Guardian Angel (Sergent)

4.     Champion

5.     Ranger (Fighters)

6.     Warrior (Elite Raiders and Soilder)

7.     Hero (Elite Special force's)

8.     Commander (Leader of the Armed force's)

9.     Angel (people who are 2nd in command) 

10.   Savior (Founder and Leader)


-Recruitment questions-


In order to join our cause you must enter the answers to the following questions and then send the Answers to: CameronCraig1904@gmail.com.


1.     What is your in-game username?

2.     What current level are you?

3.     How often are you online playing Dead zone?

4.     Do you play Dead zone on Facebook? Armor games? Or Kongrate?

5.     Do you raid? If so how often?

6.     Why do you want to join the “Union City Heroes”

7.     Do you agree to keep all the clans rules?



            If you have any questions, problems, or just need to talk to me. You can Contact me through email at: CameronCraig1904@gmail.com




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True Evil

True Evil
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It's one of Nathan Drake's aliases! Nate can I have my treasure back?!

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It's one of Nathan Drake's aliases! Nate can I have my treasure back?!

*Whips out a Sawed-off shotgun*

Get off our clans registration page!

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Union City Heroes is currently looking for somone to fill in the role as "Commander". We are looking for people who are expert raiders, and we will only accept one.

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1. user name- MrBittr

2. current level- 9

3. how often do I play?- logging in 6-8 times a day, approx. 5 hrs game play

4. I play on kongregate

5. I don't raid, but will if the Team calls for it

6. why do I want to join?- Looking for an active group, that's loyal and friendly to it's members. We all can contribute, so we all share in the wealth!

7. Absolutely!

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UPDATE 1/21/2013

Unfortunatley due to the in-activity of UCH's Members and the difficulty of finding new members has led UCH to be Disbanded.

This Recruitment page will now be obsolite and will no longer be functioning.


R.I.P. UCH, You were great while you lasted. =(

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Would you consider joining the UCP (Union Citizen Pacts)? You can read it on the forums and join us if you like! (And no IT'S NOT AN ALLIANCE! Members are alliance leaders only! Who wish to join our alliance of alliances!)

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