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Aggresive Enough?


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Evil Epic

Evil Epic
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Im thinking im not aggresive enough to be able to do raids  cause when i get high level im going to depend on compund raids for everythhing should i or should i back down to more of a raid for fun and depend on looting and making  my own or just looting  a compound trying to kill least as possible?

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Depends on the objective. 


For bounty hunts/ revenge/ hostile (more than usual) attacks, yes, kill as many people as possible. For bounties, you can't tell which one is the leader, and in the two other cases, the goal is to cause as much damage as possible. Also, going along the "do as much harm as you can" line, stealing resources you don't need and the deliberate and unnecessary destruction of buildings work when being aggressive.


On the other hand, there are the less aggressive raids. This means only killing the necessary survivors to access the resources, and only taking what you need. In this case, don't take food if your storage is full, for example. 


However, this can make you look soft in some circumstances. I recommend the second approach when raiding unprovoked, while being aggressive is terrific for retaliation. But with the second approach, you are much less likely to have them baying for your blood. Sure, they may place a bounty or attack you, but the bounty won't be as high and the attack not as destructive. They will rarely go out of their way to grief if you don't give them a reason to. 


Either way, the level of aggressiveness needs to suit what message you want to send. Will your raiding method say "It's nothing personal," or will it say "Screw you, I win! Haha!" 


The way you raid others makes all the difference in trade, alliance, and PVP relations in general.

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well if u enjoy running auto or manual missions then there is no reason for u to get into the raiding business.


if ur bored and u have the stomach the pressure of the raiding business then go for it.


if ur scared, get urself a white flag

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