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Joining Survivor Teams/guilds

Teams joining solo co-op

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Basically, i managed to get a lot of my friends to play this game and we are all hooked, we came up with an idea that we would love the idea of joining a group on it where we all share a bigger compound were we can build more production and security where other teams/guilds could attack.

In order for your team/guilds compound to have survivor to defend it you would need to send some of your solo survivors there. Giving the game solo and group pvp would be amazing.


You could make the bigger compound for team like the large office's or super markets which you have to start off by taking control and others can attack it to take control too, and maybe if you control the supermarket you have a bonus for food/water if you control a office you get better junk etc.



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There is already alliances that work in a similar way to guilds on the works, do learn to check the forums before you post.

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