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Survivor Request Tasks Rewarded With Morale

tasks morale L50 survivor request

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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for a long time I was recieving survivor requests that were rewarded with morale boosts, but since reaching L50 and getting the rest of my survivors there  I only seem to recieve survivor requests rewarded by xp.


I appreciate that overall morale was reduced to accomodate the increased security from the new compound doors (which I rather like :D )  but I find myself unable to exceed 150 morale these days.


Other players mention much higher morale, it's also been suggested that I retrain a survivor from time to time to knock back his/her level possibly restoring the morale based survivor tasks.


I've yet to try this as maybe I'm lazy or maybe I'm happy with the mix of survivor types I have atm, possibly I'm nervous of not ending up with the survivor stats I've built up to currently after retraining and levelling.


Probably what concerns me most is the loot I bring in has gone decidedly flat since the morale tasks have disappeared. I appreciate there may also be some loot drop adjustments happening in the background in the run up to the alliance war update.


I'm curious as to whether the upcoming alliance boosts include a 'luck' type one, I noticed a dice icon in the preview pic rather like the shiny icon when that book is equipped in a slot.


I've kinda soldiered on for a while now hopeing that there was a glitch being worked on and this matter would resolve itself but I thought it prudent to drop a line here just to draw attention to the issue in the hope of a change...  soon  :D


Any reassurance from development would be appreciated.


your sincerely





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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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Hi again,


as this has been viewed a few times I guess I'm not the only person experiencing this so....


FYI..  I've tried re-training a scav into a recon and it's not made the slightest difference to the type of tasks I'm recieving, no return of the morale rewarded ones.


also...   the raising your spirits book, a +4% copy, has only raised my morale from 150 to 151....


now I'm no theoretical maths genius but I'd say 1% of a 150 would be 1.5 and therefore 4% of 150 should be 6.

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Emma Tiia

Emma Tiia
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If you can keep some of your resources low, you have a chance (not quaranteed) to get a task to collect food/ammo/metal or others. Those tasks give morale.

I think it would be fair to add morale boost to "kill x infected" task (and maybe reduce xp reward to balance it).

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