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Tactics In A Successful Pve Mission

PVE mission tactics strategy

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Hi. I'm going to post my strategy I use in PVE scavenging.

I've been using it since pretty much lvl 20, and it worked for me great till now.

I'm not sure if this is good for any other players, but I hope it helps.


Survivor Classes & load out


I have 3 fighters of lvl: 35, 35, 34

3 medics of lvl: 39, 38, 38

and 3 scavs with lvl: 38, 38, 38.

All of them are equipped with firearms: the fighters with Assault Rifles, the Medics with SMGs or pistols, and the scavengers with pistols or shotguns.

And all of them are equipped with vests: fighters with shooting/reloading vest, medics with med-vest, and scavs with scav-vests.




I take 3 survivors on a mission: one of each class, and while the scavenger searches the containers, I place the fighter and medic between the


zombie spawn points and the scavenger, so that the fighter with the most health can take all the damage and leave the scav to loot.If often helps to


place the fighter and medic in the middle of a bunch of scavenger containers.This will help them provide uninterrupted cover fire without moving


while the scavenger is looting.Infected often attack in 'swarms', and it takes a few seconds for the sward to end and other to begin.During this time, it


is crucial you heal you're survivors before the next swarm arrives.Sometimes, it helps to send the fighter and the medic away from the scavenger to


draw the attention away from the scav.When this strategy is properly used, it will result in only 1 or 2 infected making it to the scav, and most of the


swarm going to the fighter and the medic.You can simply ignore the 1~2 infected and keep scavenging (they can't do much damage before you're


done scavenging) or you can let the scav handle it,But when the strategy backfires, it can result in most of the infected going to the scav, and this


might result in the scav going down, which will make the mission very hard.When infected start swarming toward the scav, drop everything and run


for the fighter and medic for cover.You have to pay close attention to the fighter as well.He's you're tank, and the mission will be very hard without


him.When covering for the scavenger, put the fighter between the horde and the medic/scavenger.This will protect the medic with little heath, and


help the scav continue searching without being interrupted by the infected.But when the health goes below the red zone, you have to watch out.


Quickly move the fighters out of the zombies' reach. By then, the swarm would have been mostly cut down by the survivors, and can be taken care of


with the medic tanking.If the swarm is still strong in number, make the fighter and medic hide behind the scav.The scav has decent health, and will


buy time for you to heal your wounded.When you are really overwhelmed, use the hit-and-run strategy. Form your survivors in a rough line from the


swarm, and slowly move back.let the first one in line go to the end of the line, while the other 2 survivors cover his back. Do this until most of the


swarm is down, and you can continue scavenging.Well, using a strategy like this requires that you DO NOT lose a survivor at all costs.If one of the


survivors is downed, the whole team will fall apart and the mission will probably fail.Better to press the magic F5 button and try again.One of the most


important things in a successful mission is 'memorizing' the map. I've played this game for over a year now, and I know the basic layouts of the maps,


and can place the survivors in the right places to get the mission done quickly and efficiently.Run a couple of missions and see what strategy works


best for you.


Hope it helps.

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This is the tactic I use in the 'streets' map

The green dots are the places where I put to fighter,

The white dots are the places I put the medic,

And the purple dots are where I place the scavenger.

The purple lines represent the order in which the scav loots the containers,

and each of the white circles are 'phases'.

In each phase, fighters and medics stand their ground and provide cover support for the scav while he loots.


I've rolled with this tactic for a long time, and so far, it yielded good results.

hope it helps

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Holy crap, that is a lot of text.


You may want to add some spacing, right now it's too long to read. I guarantee this will happen when people read it:



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What that guy above me said.


Use spoilers on your texts, it might work well for splitting up sections.


Code : <spoiler></spoiler> (Replace "< >" with "[ ]")

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Holy crap, that is a lot of text.


You may want to add some spacing, right now it's too long to read. I guarantee this will happen when people read it:



I found something that I just had to use for this. 




Sorry, couldn't resist. :P

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Aya Malevonaire

Aya Malevonaire
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I admire your effort in posting a strategy guide. However, not everyone has an exact same load out and classing. Sometimes I find having 1 melee and 1 shooter is all I need. Other times, a tandem lighting strike team based on speed works better than plowing brute force; no melee needed just a difference of firearms. And of course, 'ninja mode' where I use little noise as possible (though ironically horde attacks seem to like trolling this). These of course are all happening in 30+ areas. You still deserve praise for helping the common player though.


P.S. Most people prefer scavies lightly equipped with melee, even the aluminum bat is still useful in it's own way.

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