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Logistics Team/ Raid Team

Alliances Raiding Defense War tasks

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Freedom Fighter

Freedom Fighter
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Within our alliance there could be 2 teams, One responsible for war tasks and the other responsible for raiding. The raid team is optional for those pacifist clans focused mainly on tasks. If you choose to have the 2 teams the raid team will be entirly responsible for fighitng and only they will be raidable within the alliance. Logistics team have a protection from raids for the round , but it will be instantly revoked  FOR THE ENTIRE LOGISTICS TEAM if one  logistics player raids ANY other player.To keep this privilage from being abused, alliance members must rotate  between raiding and logistics team each round. High ranking members of the alliance decide who is on which team.


If an alliance is entirly focused on tasks they will all have the protection for the round , but same one strike rule applies.



The major flaw i see in this idea is the protection clasue, but i think there may be ways to balance it.


crap i can already sense the down votes coming, but screw it

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What if there is a raider who contribute to the war tasks? What happens then? What if a pacifist wants to try their hand at PVP? There are a lot of gaping holes that need filling, such as : can you be on both teams at once?


Anyway, the simplest answer is often the best, and this is no different- the system we have right now is simple and works fine, and I see no need to change it.

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Needlessly complicated.  Players also rarely stick to one role.

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