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new Possible weapon melee

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Zero as a Number

Zero as a Number
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Another suggestion, from Ideal_Potato and myself. We conferenced with each other and have come up with three possible melee weapons. The first is a halberd series. Yes, like the craftable Longarm, but with subtle differences, and much higher level and damage, of course. It would register as a bladed melee, have reach like the Long Saws (though a bit less, around 3 instead of 4), as per its size and weight it would have to be low APS, but also higher damage (also due to the weight), and would need to have move speed reduction. The attacks would be slicing motions, resulting in a midrange knockback rating.

The second suggestion is spears. As with the halberd it would be long reaching and bladed, but the differences would be higher APS, not as much move speed reduction, and the actions would be jabbing more than slicing, resulting in higher knockback.

Finally (and this is building on the Halloween weapon), tridents. Its stats lie between those of the spear and halberd, although a bit more towards the spear. With the move speed reduction of the halberd, the attacking motion/knockback of the spear, range the same as both, and damage lying slightly above that of the spear. Give me your feedback.

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two-handed Weapons shouldnt have a move speed reduction unless theyre "heavy" like large two-handed hammers using concrete blocks as the head. many spears can be used one-handed, for example.


Halberds are a mixed weapon. They have an axe-blade, spear-point, and hook on the reverse head. should they stab, or slash?


Spears cause knockback, why? they pierce not push the target. think about a zombie getting pierced then dragging itself along the pole.


two and one-handed pole weapons would be welcome.


Im still waiting on shields, crossbows, and the like.

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