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For players who enjoy PvP, this game presents lots of exciting opportunities as other players' compounds essentially present an endless stream of challenges.


However for those who are not as into PvP, the game can become repetitive after finishing all building upgrades, attaining max. survivors, completing all tasks. Now I know the Alliance system adds more tasks and things to work on, but I thought it might make things interesting to add some new PvE content that (hopefully) is compatible with the current game infrastructure.


Here's one idea:


-Renegade/outlaw bands: basically adding AI controlled "outlaw" survivors that you can fight on special missions. One (or multiple) of the lootable locations on the map will have a randomly generated "outlaw band sighted" mission that the player will have the option to run a manual mission on. Upon entering, the map will be exactly the same as normal (either with or without zombies) but with AI controlled outlaws and a special container near the end. This gives non-raiding players the ability to participate in gun fights and a break from endless slaughter of zombies. The outlaws will spawn at your level or higher and will be very dangerous and difficult to kill. You must kill all the outlaws to get to the special loot container they are guarding. The loot container will have a significantly higher chance of generating a high quality item. You only have one chance to take out the outlaws, if you fail to kill the outlaws (either all your survivors are downed or you choose to leave/abort the mission, they will escape (the mission will disappear) and you must wait for the next one to regenerate.


Some of you may think why not just man up and raid other compounds for gun battles? I do raid other compounds, its fun, but I'd be much more excited about coming away with potentially better loot as opposed to just fuel and points. This could be a good way to have both, especially for players who don't want to raid but like the idea of fighting against oppenents that can shoot back.


Let me know what you all think...



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i would say it isn't about man up or woman up. it's something else. it's not wanting to be raided and have your hard work destroyed or taken is what it is about. in turn that tends to make that player a little more conscientious about inflicting those negative feelings on others. It can also be a matter of lack of confidence in being able to take it on the chin and give back as good as you got. i used to be like that. until i realized... this is nothing but ones and zeroes in a pattern. nothing more nothing less.


this particular game is one of the most gentle pv(p/ai) games i have ever played. the very worst of being raided in truth is seeing these things that took all those resources and all those days and hours laying in utter ruin with all those little red wrenches hovering over them! gah! yeah... well a total wipe can be repaired for a few hundred resources and about 15 minutes if that long. also a raider is limited to getting only 50% of the lootable resources found on hand. but... the one being raided only loses 25%. I recommend do some studying and build a raid resistant compound. start learning how to raid. learn what it takes to be successful. it will change the boredom factor.


on your suggestions: it is a feeling i have that HERC will be making an entry sometime in the future if not in this new expansion. don't ask me why i say that. i can not point directly at anything other than maybe with me reading almost the complete forum in a narrow time frame my back mind saw something and assembled this idea out of something it saw and threw it out there for my conscious front brain to read it's prediction. otherwise bad guys? sure nice spice. but...


any additional ways to get additional gear i do not like. raiders do not get gear from raids. resources and a flag only for the war. non raiders have more loot chances than raiders due to the time spent on a raid is lost from doing a mission. add the DMU and a mission runner can farm the weapon and gear areas they want in at very most a hour and a half. and i am talking about clearing all weapon and gear buildings in 4 or 5 containment zones. as you move down levels running farming runs you can do 10 at once. I can't support anything that gives more chances at desirable loot. this is a post apocalypse it isn't supposed to be easy.


edit: the usual. spelling slipped by me

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I posted a detailed idea on new content that would greatly expand PVE and make it equal to PVP in fun/importance in the game.




I support anything that would expand PVE beyond its current minor position in the game.

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