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Are There Trade Logs?

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Are there logs of all the trades that are done?


I had some items taken from my account (I lent it out, I will take the blame), but everybody to whom I lent it (only IvAnN_Mx which meant Mauricio_Mxs, his brother, also had access, and Eze_el_Hobbit) is denying that he stole it.


Due to this setback, I was wondering if Con could check chat logs, because if they are all telling the truth then 9 Hats and a Unique disappeared from my inventory. I understand I cannot get them back, but this could be a major bug.


I know it is most likely that one of them is lying to me, so please don't respond with contempt to me, I play how I want.



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Cupinoy Raids

Cupinoy Raids
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Hey man sorry but we don't have trade logs for this game ( unless the devs read this post and will consider putting something that sophisticated to the game ) yet.

Your idea is good though i like it so we can keep tabs on when and who we traded with.

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